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Why move with portable storage containers?

Moving is by far one of the most complicated and delicate projects you can have. There are so many things you need to cover in order to ensure safe and smooth relocation. Therefore, what you need to do is to prepare properly for such a big undertaking. In order to do so, you will need all the help you can get. So, prior to anything else, you will need to research a lot. Especially if you are moving for the first time. You’ll need to hire a reliable moving company, find a place in the new city, cover paperwork and pack your belongings. And packing is an extremely challenging task. If you have a lot of things and do not pack properly, there is a possibility that you’ll need to relocate them several times. That is why you should move with portable storage containers.

What are portable storage containers?

Even though storage containers are commonly used for storing items, or overseas shipping, nowadays you can use them for local and long-distance relocations as well. Many moving companies have this in their offer, as this is one of the most efficient ways of transportation. Especially for clients with a large number of belongings. In a nutshell, you store your items in a portable storage container, the container is loaded on the truck and delivered on the desired destination.

Storage containers have multiple purposes

In case you want to move stuff that you have in the storage facility, this process is even more simple, as you will skip the packing part. But there is one catch – using this way of transportation can be a bit more expensive than using traditional moving trucks. On the other hand, it can cut your overall moving costs if you have a lot of things to relocate.

When you should choose portable storage containers over the traditional moving truck?

Let’s see how to choose if you are going to use this type of transportation for your upcoming move. As we mentioned before, getting a portable storage container is not a cheap thing. And if you are moving on a tight budget, this item could seem as unnecessary in your moving plan. But do not jump to conclusion easily before you calculate other options. Sometimes, there are hidden moving costs, and you need to check if there are any for your particular move.

Moving service costs are depending on the number of things you need to relocate. In case you have a lot of belongings, and they can’t fit all in the truck at the same time, your movers will need to transport your things several times. And that is when they will charge you for each time. Even though you will have only one quote, make sure you pay attention to all items on it. This is a situation where getting a portable storage container could save you money. They are bigger and can fit more items, thus only one transportation can handle relocation of all your belongings.

One more situation where it would be smart to use these containers is when you have uncommonly large items, such as a piano. If you use traditional way, movers will need to relocate your instrument alone, and then to focus on other belongings. By using a container, you can place other items in it besides the piano and relocate everything at once. If you have a piano that you want to relocate in Tucson, make sure you hire experienced piano movers Tucson AZ.

How to find reliable movers for this type of relocation?

What you need to know is that not every moving company is capable of handling this type of relocation. That is why you will need to find one with a lot of experience and specialized equipment. First, movers you hire must have an appropriate moving truck that can carry portable storage containers. Sometimes these trucks have their own crane for loading, and sometimes they are loaded with cranes from the ground. In either case, this truck must have a system for securing a storage container. Additionally, movers you hire must have moving license and insurance. These are essential features every good and reliable moving company has.

You need to hire movers that have the appropriate equipment

How to prepare for moving with portable storage containers?

Important to realize is that this type of move has some specific requirements when it comes to packing. Loading moving container is a bit different than packing in boxes. Therefore, you will need to get some packing supplies in your local hardware store that will help you pack the portable container. Here is a list of things that you can use for this activity:

  • Air bubble packing – for ensuring sensitive and fragile items
  • Packing tape – it will come in handy in case you have a lot of small items
  • Wooden crates – these are much more friendly for storing items in containers than cardboard boxes. In case you are moving your houseplants, crates will be extremely useful.
  • Blankets – for filling space between items. This way you will be sure that no collisions will damage your belongings.
Make sure you pack a container properly

As you can see, there are many benefits and pros why you should move with portable storage containers. It could save you a lot of time and money, and that is very important as moving is an extremely expensive project. Not to mention that it can decrease a stress level during the move. And additional stress is the last thing you need in this situation. Therefore, put everything on paper and calculate your moving costs with and without portable storage containers.

There is a big possibility that you will figure that it is more efficient to use them. And if this is the case, do not think twice, and start your pursuit. In case you are moving to AZ, there are some pretty good safe storage solutions in Arizona you can use. These professionals will answer all questions you might have and give you some useful pieces of advice.