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Who to notify when you are moving

Who to notify when you are moving

When moving to another address, there are is an astonishing amount of people who are interested. Missing to notify any of people or places could potentially give you a headache later on. When you hire professional movers, such as commercial movers Tucson AZ, you can ask them for help and you can also prepare beforehand. In any case, this article will provide you with as much information as you might need on who to notify when you are moving.

So let’s get started. Here are all the major people and places you might want to notify when you change your address.

Who To Notify When You Are Moving – Breakdown

The first thing to do is to make a good checklist. We are providing you with the most important items, below:

Having a good checklist on who to notify when moving can ensure that they all get informed!

Friends and Family

Obviously, these are among the first that you would need to notify when you are moving, yet they often get overlooked. With the advent of technology, almost everyone has an email these days. It is really simple to send out one email to everyone, just to notify them so you should not forget about it.


If you are active in any organization or a club, and you want to keep receiving mail from them, be sure to let them know. These might include any places where you are a member.


While you might be receiving your paychecks directly into your bank account, it is a great idea to notify your employer about the move. Reason for that is that all those tax forms and the like end up at the right place. It might save you some trouble later on.

Post Office

Out of all the places to notify when you are moving, post office might be the most important one. Notifying the post office will ensure that your mail gets forwarded to your new place. You should do this at least one week before you actually move. Also, you can do this notification online! The reason you also want to notify other mailers is that this forwarding arrangement will last 12 months.

Making sure to update the post office will ensure that your mail comes to the right place. Just do not forget it is for 12 months.

Subscription-Based Services

Any and all services that you are subscribed to, which send you items, will need to be notified when you move. These include magazines, boxes of any sort, and so on. You can easily change the address by getting in touch with someone in customer service.

Personal Service Providers

These include all the specialists such as doctors, veterinarians, dentists etc. You might think that if you are moving to another area, which is not close by, that you do not need to inform them. However, informing them could provide you with some referrals, as you will definitely need similar services at the new place. If you are moving just a few blocks away, they will still need to know where to mail and bill you. If you are moving to Tucson, AZ, for example, there are many good specialists to choose from and you would benefit from the referrals.

The Bank

Your bank will want to know if you move to another address. Luckily, the process is really easy. Usually, you can change the address online but if you can not, just give them a call.

Insurance Provider

You need to notify every agency that provides your insurance policy. Be it car insurance, health insurance or life insurance, they all need to be notified when you move. If your insurance comes from the federal marketplace, you will need to go to healthcare.gov and make your change there. Look for “See if I can change”. Also, if you have renter’s or home insurance, they will want to know where you are going, as well. Do ask if they are covering your items when they are on the move.

Electricity and Gas companies

Make sure you notify these as soon as you know your moving date. It is really important in ensuring that you have these vital things running when you get to your new place. What you want to do is make sure that you shut down your services at the end of moving day. Your new services should start in the morning on the move day.

Telecommunications Providers

This is the one that most likely will be at the front of your needs, alongside electricity and other basics. In fact, these days, internet service is a basic need. Make sure that your services are moved to a new place as soon as possible. You should notify them a couple of weeks ahead, at least. Do not forget to include other providers, such as cable and cell phone provider. They will need to send the bill somewhere. Out of all places to notify when you are moving, this is easily the number two (or one, in some cases).

Making sure that you are not without internet at your new place is always a good idea!

Social Security

You will want to inform SSA that you are moving if you are receiving their benefits. You can do this by either giving them a call or filling out an application for change of address, online.

Tax Agencies

You always want to make sure that IRS and your state tax agency are well informed on where exactly you are. This process is quite simple and can be performed online, both for IRS and the state tax agency. However, some states will require you to appear in person, so make sure that you can actually do it online.

Internet Stores

If you are doing quite a bit of shopping over the internet, you will need to change your shipping address. Too often people will overlook this and packages arrive at old addresses. Just make a list of all the sites that you’ve shopped at and change the shipping address. It will not take you that much time and could save you a headache later on.

Other Agencies

These might include utilities, such as utilities (water, sewer, garbage) or other financial agencies, including PayPal, credit unions and the like. While not as critical as some of the others, you would do well to notify them, just in case something important happens.

Who To Notify When You Are Moving – Quick List

  • Family and friends
  • Clubs
  • Employer
  • Post Office
  • Subscription-based services
  • Personal service providers
  • Your bank
  • Insurance provider
  • Electricity and/or gas company
  • Telecommunications providers
  • Social security
  • Tax agencies
  • Internet stores
  • Other agencies

While there may be some other places or people that you need to notify when you are moving, these would be the most influential ones. Moving is already stressful enough, without all the problems that can arise due to the wrong address. Make sure to notify them all! Also, do not forget to make sure that you have all the important paperwork for your move on hand.