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Where to get moving insurance?

Everyone has to prepare themselves before they decide to move. Moving process itself can be really stressful. First of all, you will need a lot of time to make plans and checklist, to sort your budget etc. In case you want to save time, it is highly recommended to hire a professional moving company. From the other side, you can pack and move all your belongings by yourself, with a little bit of help from your family and friends. Anyway, in order to protect your stuff, the most important thing you should think of is moving insurance.

Where to get moving insurance?

We all want everything we have to be safely transported to our new location. If you are worried about the safety of your stuff, you should certainly consider getting moving insurance. Even though we don’t want our belongings to suffer damage or disappear in the process of moving, we have to prepare because things like that are happening sometimes. You can get moving insurance by yourself or you can hire professionalsArizona movers, who also can provide moving insurance as one of their services for you.

Getting insurance is really important. Like this, you will know that you won’t lack any of your stuff when you relocate. For anything that suffers the damage, you will get the refund or moving company will repair.

Get moving insurance by yourself

If you decide to do everything by yourself, the first thing you should do is, ask friends for help. Preparing and moving everything can be a long process so you should ask your friends to help. Then, you have to call and check with your professional insurance agent what can you do to protect your belongings the best in the process of relocating.

Check what your private insurance is covering

Your private insurance, house insurance, will cover the damage of the stuff you possess inside the house and when they arrive at the new location. Your insurance won’t cover anything that moving company is packing, and if your stuff suffers any damage during the transport. So, you should check and ask what are your options and how can you get the best possible moving insurance yourself, in case you want to relocate alone.

Moving insurance you can get from professional moving companies

One of the services that moving company can provide for you is moving insurance. They can provide a lot of different services, such as packing, trucks, transporting, unpacking etc. First of all, you have to be sure that you are dealing with a good moving company. Call and search for several ones and ask what they are offering.

When you hire a professional moving company, you will always want to get the best moving servicesBe sure that good moving company will always take a good care of your belongings. So, let’s see now, what kind of insurance you can get from a professional moving company. Depends on your agreement or your needs, types of insurances you can get are:

  • Full value protection
  • Separate liability coverage 
  • Released value protection

You should also know that every moving company will give you basic insurance when you hire them. This won’t cost you any extra money.

Full value protection

One of the insurance plans is full value protection. If any of your items suffer any kind of damage, the company will replace it or give you a settlement in cash. Depends on the damage of an item, they will pay the bill for repairing it or give you the money for items current market value. This insurance plan is a little bit more expensive and the price varies by movers.

Depending on the applied deductibles, the price for this coverage can either increase or decrease. Deductibles are a great way for you to modify the price of the insurance, depending on specific needs.

Separate liability coverage

Another option your moving company can offer is so-called separate liability coverage. What this means is that you are still getting 60 cents per pound per item from your moving company. However, the rest of the value of the item will be reimbursed by another insurance company, up to the limit of the purchased policy. Basically, all of your items are covered separately by two parties, both the insurance company and the moving company.

Released value protection

This insurance plan is offered by the mover and it’s not additionally charged (it is included in moving fee costs). If you don’t want to get any other plan of insurance, this one will give you only basic and minimal protection. Moving companies paying around 60 cents per pound per item. So, in case some of your items suffer damage and it weighs 10 pounds, you will get 6 dollars.

For items worth a few hundred dollars or even thousands, you should probably get some of the full coverage insurance plans.

Storage insurance

Not only in the transport, but your items can also suffer damage in a storage place too. Most moving companies provide storage services in case we need it.

Depends on what do we need to store, we have to check for the perfect storage that suits us. Also, we have to call the moving company and ask them about insurance we can get for the items we want to put in a storage facility.

Storage insurance protects you from any damages that can happen if your things are improperly stored

Some of the items we possess can be really fragile, sensitive to direct sunlight or humidity. In order to save and protect our items, we have to consider getting the best storage insurance we can.