What to pack first on moving day

Planning a long distance relocation has its own obstacles. Especially when it comes to packing. One wrong step and you may end up having more worries! When it comes to pre-moving preparation, you need to have a packing plan. This is why we wrote an article about what things to pack first on moving day! Follow our guide through and you will move to your new home without any issues whatsoever!

Make an inventory of things to pack first on moving day

There are a few things you need to do before you pack things for the relocation. And the best thing you can do is to take inventory! See what kind and how many belongings you possess. Now, make a simple spreadsheet, or put it on the paper. This list should include everything you have. After that, don’t forget to categorize the list. See how many categories you have and what you put in them. For example, do you have any fine china, clothes, appliances, etc? If you put this on a list, you will have a visual presentation of your belongings. And just like that, you will know what to pack first on moving day!

An inventory list as one of the easy ways to decide what to pack first on moving day

Having an inventory list will make it easier to decide what to pack first on moving day

Having a checklist of items will help you when you are planning your relocation. Furthermore, you will have more time to focus on hiring a long distance moving Companies Tucson AZ! You already know how many items you possess and what kind of truck you will need! Therefore, you can easily arrange your move with the moving company!

Start decluttering

Decluttering process is very important because you can reduce the number of items you have. By doing this, you will significantly lower the money needed for transport, and even earn some cash in the process. Go through your items and try to set aside those you do not use or need anymore. Once you have done that, you can decide how to get rid of them. There are several ways to deal with those items in your house:

  • Organize a yard sale! Here you can sell items you do not use anymore! Making some extra cash will make it easier to purchase packing supplies! And at the same time make it simple to figure out what to pack first on moving day!
  • Donate to the charity! If you have excess items in your home, you can always give them away for free! There will always be someone who can use them or need them!
  • Give them as gifts to your friends and family! If you do not want to use the before mentioned methods, then to this! You can always call your friends and family and ask them if they need anything!
Hands with heart in them

You can always donate your items to the charity

Decluttering process is important because it allows you to go through everything you have! And then after figuring out what you do not need, you can purge them with ease.  If that seems like too much work, you can always ask your movers Oro Valley AZ for additional advice!

Never pack big items on a moving day

Yes, this is quite important! If you leave big items such as furniture or kitchen appliances for the moving day, you are in for quite a mess! Instead, take time to prepare and pack those bulky items far in advance! And the best way you can do it is to learn about the ways to prepare furniture for relocation. Once you are done with this, you will have more time to focus on important things for the moving day!

A hand showing to stop

Don’t pack big items on a moving day

Packing on the moving day – essential bag

One of the priorities when packing on a moving day should be packing an essential bag. This bag contains all the items you will use or need during the travel. Those items should include things such as:

  • Important documents you may need during your travel;
  • Medial records should be at your hands reach;
  • Food and water for the road;
  • Chargers for your appliances like phones, tablets, etc;
  • Laptop if you need to do some work while traveling;
  • Prescribed medicine.
A bag on the floor to pack first on moving day

Always have a bag with essentials near you

These items are quite important and you need them with you at all time! You must always be aware of the items you need to pack first on moving day! Also, think about what not to forget when relocating! Relocation is not an easy process, and you need to think about a lot of stuff!

Figure out what items are for storage and what for packing

There are some items we do not need to pack and bring with us to our new homes. Most of the time, these items are seasonal clothing or some other equipment we may not use. Sometimes they are power tools, gardening tools, off-season clothes, etc. The best way you can deal with them is to put them in a storage unit. They are the perfect solution for those items you do not use that often! After you declutter your home, you can rent a storage unit in the place you are moving to.

Although storage units are great, you need to know how to pick the right storage unit for your items. Most of the times you will need a regular unit. But there are some items that require special care! Ask the storage unit owners about their services and what kind of units they provide!

There are a lot of things that you shouldn’t pack first on moving day! They can make your relocation that harder! Furthermore, you will only go through stress and possible injuries! Hopefully, this article provided you with enough guidelines on the essentials you need to pack on a moving day! If you want to add something, you can do it in the comment section!

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