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What kind of food to serve during moving day?

There are two types of moves that people do. One, you and a kind, loving group of people will get together and they will help you out. Now, this dreadful process is usually more bearable when you have close friends and family in the mix. The second way to do it is to hire professional assistance, sit back and enjoy the show. The second way is much more stress-free, and work free, but also a bit sterile. I mean, yeah, if you are a busy person this second, alternative way will do you wonders. For that, you can hire long distance movers Arizona to help you. But if you can afford the time to do it, you can do a ‘do it yourself’ more easily with some friends. Regardless of which of the two ways you choose, you have to consider what kind of food to serve during moving day!

Who knows, if you do it right, you might actually end up having a bit of fun whilst you do it. But whichever road you choose, you can’t really go without food. Nobody, not even the biggest professionals, can work on an empty stomach.

Grab a quick bite to eat before you start working

Now, the only thing you have to consider that you will be making a different type of food, and different quantities of food, depending on whether you are hiring professionals or you’re bringing some friends over. In this article, we will offer some tips and tricks as to how to treat each of the two parties.

What kind of food to serve during moving day – Friends

Now, to me, the far more interesting scenario is bringing friends over. Ok, we agree, none of you are most likely professional movers. And this is fine, you don’t need to be. Given your lack of experience, don’t rush things. Take your time and move everything slowly and carefully. This way, regardless of how much experience you lack, you should be fine.

Now to the good part – the food. In contrast to hiring professional assistance, your friends are not hired. They are kind enough to take a chunk of their free time and dedicate it to you, to help out. Even though you don’t owe them money for it, the least you could do is make a bunch of good food for the day. The absolute least you can do. But, what kind of food to serve during moving day to your friends? Here are a few ideas.


Let’s take into account a scenario where you don’t start early in the morning. By the time your friends catch some sleep, it’ll be past breakfast so normally, the first meal you should think of is lunch. Our best advice for this meal is to drop the heavy stuff. Pizza and stuff alike tend to be heavy on the stomach. You don’t want everyone falling asleep after lunch, you want them being able to continue helping out. Because, at the end of the day, you are here for the move, not the food. The food is just a sweet bonus.

Don’t overeat as you might want to sleep after you eat

First things first, your refrigerator will most likely be out of commision. Keep that in mind when planning everything out. Potentially make sure to bring along some coolers, you might need them. As far as the food goes there are a few things you should lean towards:

  • Vegetables and non-fat dips. (This is absolutely brilliant! It’s full of nutrients, calories and will keep you full and happy, but not heavy! Also, it isn’t that expensive to get.)
  • Sandwiches (But be careful and don’t make them super heavy and fat. Be moderate. You don’t want the crew calling it quits after lunch. Ham, chicken, and tuna are the keywords here.)
  • Cold quiche – pretty self-explanatory.
  • Salads – this one is the best thing you can do. It will fill them up, it will be tasty and refreshing and most importantly, it will not fill them up to the point where they wish not to move anymore.
  • Muffins, brownies and plenty of other desserts.

Other approaches to serving food

Of course, you should not stick to this list religiously. Try to be innovative and make the best use of what you have around you, at your disposal. You can choose any food to serve during moving day that is at your disposal and it will be ok. There are often simple and easy snacks you can make as, sort of a food first aid. It will relieve the hunger, you will have time to chat and relax a bit and then get back to work.

The best thing here that you can do is make a buffet. This will allow them to help themselves without you having to serve them constantly. If you are interested in what kind of food to serve during moving day maybe you will want to know who can help you with specialized movings, like piano moving.


Now, above all else, one thing bares most importance and that is to remain hydrated. There is no way to emphasize it enough, which is why I left it for last. Staying hydrated is probably your topmost priority when figuring out what kind of food to serve during moving day. All else will be less important if this is not quenched.

Serve cool water on a hot day to keep everyone hydrated if you don’t have anything else

You can do this in a number of ways, but the best way to do it is simply – lemonade. It refreshes, it hydrates, it is full of vitamins… And man, it tastes good. Add a bit of sugar for some extra energy if it is too sour, and you got yourself a pure win. Other things you can do is make ice tea (simply make a bunch of tea and refrigerate it). People can also add sugar (which they shouldn’t do because sugar is bad for you) if they like it to be on the sweeter side. You can read more about dehydration prevention strategies here. Aside from that, hang out, eat good food and have fun with your move! And in the end, if it’s too much of hassle for you why don’t you get the best moving services to do the move instead of you.