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What are the costs of Tucson movers by the hour?

Moving can be a costly endeavor. This is why it is highly in your interest to fully understand the pricing of various Tucson moving companies. Only by understanding the pricing will you be able to pick a good company for yourself. The common phrase used here is Tucson movers by the hour since most of them (if not all of them) charge for their services by the hour. So the information you are trying to get is – what are the costs of Tucson movers by the hour. And the answer to this question is the worst answer you can get for any question – it depends. But there is no other way of putting it because it definitely does depend on a number of factors.

It all depends on the size of your move…

Before you can ask how much they charge by the hour, you need to ask yourself a whole set of questions. The answers to these questions will then in turn directly impact the answer of your moving company to be. Now, if you are doing your move properly, you will most definitely have the answers to those questions.

For the remainder of the article, we will discuss the costs of Tucson movers by the hour. We will explore what it is that influences the rates and how you can shift them to your advantage!

Cost of Tucson movers by the hour – factors

The easiest thing to understand is the fact that there are no two moves alike. Taking this into consideration moving forward we can understand that there are no two moves with the same price. Why? Because of the factors that revolve around the move, impacting its difficulty and thus its cost. There is no mystery, however, behind these factors. If you know where you are currently, and where you are moving to you have half of the answer. Additionally, if you know how many people you are relocating and how many belongings you are moving you are at a 100%. So what is it that actually impacts the costs of Tucson movers by the hour? These factors apply both for Tucson movers, and globally. You could say they are universal.

How big is the move?

This question is two-fold. The first aspect of the question is the distance you will need to travel to reach your new home. Why is the distance important? One simple reason is transportation. The truck, or trucks, that the moving company will be using cost fuel and maintenance. The longer the relocation the more expensive it will be. The longest destinations are called long distance moving, and there are long distance moving companies Tucson that specialize in such relocations. In contrast, there are local moving services. As you can assume, these are far cheaper since the distance covered is far less than those for long-distance relocations.

Hence, the distance of the move (or in other words the size of the move) will have different rates based on it. Or, you can just have universal long distance moving rates (per hour), that will just count the hours needed for the job and charge you accordingly.

Number of belongings

The other element that impacts the size of the move is the number of belongings you are about to relocate. For instance, if you are a large family that is moving 5 beds, 3 couches, 4 tables, and other similarly sized furniture, the rates will be higher. Why? Because you might need more than one truck. Additionally, you might need more than 2 people from the moving company to move large furniture. The logic is – the more complicated the move the higher the rate becomes. Each time your moving company needs more manpower to move the stuff around, the price will go up. So carefully asses first how long the move is, and then follow up with how many things you need to pack up.

The price will vary based on the number of things you are taking with you.

If you are inexperienced in packing, there are additional packing services in Arizona that you can consult. However, keep in mind that these most likely charge extra, so if you can do it yourself – at least try.


So, we covered the size which is one of the most important factors when determining the costs of Tucson movers by the hour. One additional element to keep in mind is – how much time do you have? The best way to know the answer to this one is to have your ultimate moving checklist ready beforehand. Is this going to be a last minute move? If so, how short is this last minute? Are you, perhaps, looking into the future to book a moving company, 6 months ahead of time?

These elements will impact your pricing by a large margin. For instance, certain moving companies give huge discounts to those who wish to hire moving services ahead of time. The reason behind these discounts is the fact that the company is trying to ensure that they have work on their hands for the entirety of the year.

What does this mean to you? Well, if you are aware that you will be moving in August, and it is December now if you start looking for moving quotes you might end up getting an incredibly good deal. This means that the costs of Tucson movers by the hour will be significantly lowered, regardless of what type of a move you are about to tackle. Why? All because you had time to plan. Alternatively, if it is a last minute move, chances are that the hourly rates will be higher than normal since you don’t really have time to spare.

Another huge factor is how much time do you have.

Either way, if you are able to answer these simple questions, you will most definitely have the ability to receive a proper estimation. Based on it, pick a few companies, compare their rates and see which one suits you best!