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What are items of extraordinary value?

If you ever wondered what are items of extraordinary value, here you will find the answer. It is not strange that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. And something might be priceless for you, even if it is not expensive. But here we will not speak about an emotional value of items. Not that anyone is trying to deny it, but here we’ll be focusing on the value based on the price.

Even though you probably already know which items can be categorized as items of extraordinary value, you might get surprised after this article. What you need to realize is that the market is dictating prices. Therefore, at the certain time, some items might have a bigger value than before. Or then they will have in the future. So, let’s check the current situation.

How to recognize items of extraordinary value

These items have a big price in the market. No matter if you want to buy, or sell, a lot of money will be involved in the transaction. And that is a fact. If we try to list all items of extraordinary value, we would need a lot of time. Important to realize is that depending on the form and location, this list varies. For example, precious stones and gems worths less in countries where there are mines of them. Additionally, processed gems and precious stones worth way more than raw ones.

Antiques, Arts, and PicturesBut there is a way for you to determine if an item is of extraordinary value. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), classifies items as of extraordinary value” if they worth more than 100 US dollars per pound. What you need to know that this is general classification and there are some exceptions. The best way to verify that an item worth a lot is to check its price in the market. Here is a list of the most common items of extraordinary value:

  • Precious Stones, Gems and Diamonds
  • Gold, Silver, Goldware, and Silverware
  • Rare and Unique Music Instruments
  • Antique pieces of furniture
  • All kind of collectibles
  • Some china items
  • High-end technics
  • Oriental Rugs
  • Wine
There are different types of extremely valuable items

How to store these items

Storing items of extraordinary value is something you should approach smart. As these items can be of various sizes, there are several ways of how you can store them. Arts and pictures you can proudly display in your home. Let others enjoy their beauty as well. Additionally, if you are not sure that your home is the right place, you can ask your local museum to keep them. They know how to take care of such valuables, hence they will be in good hands. Maybe they can include them in some exhibitions as well, and even pay you for such thing.

When it comes to jewelry, you must make sure they are safe. You can keep them in the safe box in your house, or in the deposit box in the bank or treasury. The most important thing is to know that no one is able to steal them. These items are easy to sell on the black market and are a target of many thieves. Make sure you are the only one who can access them.

Make sure your valuables are safe

Speaking about musical instruments such as piano or harp, there are several options as well. If you are using these instruments, keep them at your home, but take care of them often. If you neglect them, they can damage easily and lose value. And that is not something you want. In case you do not use them, it would be smart to store them somewhere safe. If you are from Arizona, find some good and respectable storage solutions in Arizona, and let them keep these items for you. And one day you can seel them and make a lot of money.

How to properly prepare items of extraordinary value for the move

If you are moving, or simply want to relocate your valuables, you need to make sure they are safe during transportation. And you can’t simply put such items in the box and hope that they will reach the destination in one piece. Some of these items are unique, and as such are priceless and irreplaceable. That is why you need to be extra cautious. But, if you think that securing them with packing supplies such as packing foam or air bubble pack is enough, you are wrong. These items are extremely delicate, and you should always let professionals handle their relocation.

If you are relocating piano, hire piano movers

Therefore, conduct a thorough research and get familiar with moving such items For instance, if you want to relocate a piano in Tucson, you should hire piano movers Tucson AZ for that job. Not only they have know-how and experience with this undertaking, but they have proper equipment as well. So, make sure you took all necessary steps in order to move your precious valuables safely.

Get the moving insurance

One thing you must get while moving such items is a moving insurance. Even with all precautions, an accident can happen and you need to have a backup plan. An insurance policy will cover your loss if anything happens to your belongings during transportation. And as these items are extremely expensive, it will save you from spending a fortune on reparation.

If you have some of the items listed in this article, you are a lucky person. This is not something many can boast about. Just, make sure you are totally aware of what you possess, and keep it safe. Additionally, remember that packing items of extraordinary value is way different than packing clothes for a move. You need to be extra cautious and take all the necessary protection measures. If anything brake, damage, or even scratch, it could cost you a fortune. Do not let that happen.