How to Stay Organized When Unpacking Your New Home

None of us really want to unpack once we’ve moved. With the planning, packing, driving and getting everything ready we’d rather sleep until tomorrow than unpack. Well, even though sleeping it off sounds like a good idea, we shouldn’t do it! It is crucial to unpack as soon as you can! This will help you start your new life on the right foot, and it will avoid further challenges in the future. But, how to stay positive and organized when unpacking your new home after a hard relocation? Well, don’t worry! Our guide will give you everything you need to know to survive this ordeal!

Plan ahead

Once you’ve arrived at your new home and said goodbye to your local movers in Tucson, it’s time to start planning! We know that’s not really what you want to hear, and that you’re probably sick of planning your relocation. However, we promise that this is the last piece of thinking ahead related to your relocation. So, when you’re preparing for unpacking your new home, you should know a few things beforehand. This knowledge is important because it will make your unpacking faster and easier!

Unpacking your new home requires a lot of planning.

Plan ahead when unpacking!

  • know what you’re unpacking – we are talking about labels! Everything you have in your new home should already be labeled, but if it’s not, peek in the boxes to know what’s where.
  • know what you need – imagine the process of unpacking your new home and try to think of all the items you might need to finish it fast. These may be box cutters, take, moving blankets etc…
  • know where to start – having an idea of when you’ll begin the unpacking is very important. Even though we said you should do it right away, you still need to take your obligations into consideration. No point in unpacking the same evening you arrived if you need to go to work at 7 am. So, make sure you have a time for unpacking planned in the near future.
  • know when to ask for help – unpacking is very much like packing, only in reverse. So, if you needed help packing your old home, you’ll probably need help unpacking the new one. However, finding someone to help you in a new place you moved to might be difficult. So, try to hire professional help if you don’t have any friends or family nearby.

Take your time

Even though it’s important to start early, you have enough time to finish unpacking your new home. Don’t get us wrong, unpacking the entire place in one day is the best, but not if it leaves you tired and unable to enjoy your new life! So, make sure you divide your chores into manageable tasks. It will make it easier to take them out one by one! Furthermore, you should take your time in moving things about. Remember that you already moved and that there is no time limit for what you’re doing. Thus, take extra care not to damage anything or injure yourself. If you need help with this, check out our tips to avoid injuries while moving. Make sure you’re safe above all else.

a clock showing that the deadline is soon.

There are no deadlines when unpacking your new home. Take your time.

First things first

When unpacking your new home, you should take care of your essentials first. If you’ve hired professional packing services in Tucson, then your boxes will be labeled and you’ll know where to look. If your boxes aren’t labeled, make sure you know which box holds your most essential of essentials. These, you should unpack first. It’ll be hard to do any unpacking (or living) if your toiletries or kitchenware are at the bottom of the box pile. Furthermore, you’ll need your laptop (or other electronics). Whether you’ll need to do some work or just kill time while watching something on your tablet, you’ll want to have those items close at hand.

Keep your toiletries close when unpacking your new home.

Keep essential hygienic items where you can unpack them easily.

Apart from these, make sure that all your fragile items are among the first on the unpacking list. It will not do to have them smashed or damaged while you move your other things about. You can decide on a specific room and call it a storage room. Put all the items which you can’t place anywhere else there. In here, they’ll not only be out of harm’s way, but this will also free up your rooms. All in all, it will make it much easier to unpack. Also, you should unpack special items first! If you requested the services of piano movers in Tucson, you should ask them to help you unpack the item before they leave on a moving day.

Go room by room when unpacking your new home

Once again, small manageable chores which you can knock out in no time. This is especially good if you don’t have a lot of time in the day to unpack. Going room by room gives you the perfect excuse to unpack one room each day! Also, unpacking like this will make it easier to figure out the room’s layout or decorate rooms. If you don’t have any ideas on how to do it, you can check out these 26 cheap bedroom makeover ideas.

Unpacking your new home should start with the kitchen.

You should unpack your kitchen and bathroom first.

If you’re wondering where to start from, we have an answer for you! When unpacking your new home you should start from the rooms that the most members of your household use. The kitchen should go first, then the bathroom. Apart from those, the order is not that important. You can unpack your bedrooms or living rooms next. However, the one room that should be saved for last is the room where you put all your boxes. The aforementioned storage room in your new home. Once the whole place is unpacked, you can dedicate your time to that final room.

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