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Tricks for packing clothes for a move

When the time for moving comes, we have to be prepared for so many different things. Planning for the move, sorting out our budget, making moving checklists, those are just some of the things we have on our mind. And even if it seems like “easy” thing to do, packing clothes for a move also requires planning.

One of the good solutions to this problem is hiring a professional moving company. One of the services that professional moving company offer is certainly packing. Except for the packing, there are plenty of other things that your moving company can offer. All you need to do is to check Tucson moving services!

From the other side, you can pack your stuff yourself! And if this is the case, you will certainly need some tips for doing that properly!

Hiring a professional moving company

As we know, professional moving companies are here to help us relocate and to transport our belongings safely to another location. Professional movers have years of experience and well trained and devoted employees. Packing clothes for a move with a professional moving company will be an easy thing. And also, you can be sure that they will take care of your belongings while packing and in transport. Let’s mention some of the services you can expect from a professional moving company.

  • Good communication 
  • Packing and properly labeling
  • Truck services and transport
  • Insurance
  • Storage places
  • Unpacking and recycling
  • Other special services

Tricks for packing clothes for a move

First of all, before you start any packing, you should organize, declutter and wash your clothes. It is good to wash all your clothes before you start packing them. Do not rush, let them dry properly, and if some of the clothes are damaged, you can fix them or just throw them away. Like that, you will save some space and avoid packing things that you won’t use anymore. When you finish with these things, this is what you should do next.

Organize your clothes so you can decide easier what you don’t need
  • Organize clothes by a family member and also by season
  • Create piles of similar types of clothes and match them the size of the pile with a packing box
  • Give away things that you won’t use anymore
  • Separate out some of the seasonal clothes that you won’t need during the move or any time sooner

Pack your off-season clothes ahead of time

Packing clothes for a move will take a little bit of time. So, a good thing to do is, to sort them and pack them properly. If you mix up all clothes and do not label the boxes, you will for sure get lost when the time for unpacking comes.

If you regularly store away your seasonal clothes, you will have much easier time packing them

Packing your off-season clothes ahead of time is a smart move. Like this, you will save some time. You know that you won’t need or use your off-season clothes for at least the next three months. That’s why you should pack them first. Also, you should label boxes with off-season clothes because you will have more important stuff to unpack first.

Clothes for a “moving week”

You should get a box for each member of your family and pack the necessary things you will need for a week. Unpacking can take a lot of time and having things like this can be really helpful. Be sure to pack enough socks, underwear and other stuff you will need for the week.

Different ways of packing clothes

You already know that hiring a professional moving company will reduce the time you are spending on preparations for moving. However, packing some of your stuff before movers arrive is a good thing, that’s how you are helping out your movers. If you pack stuff yourself, moving process will be faster.

We know that packing clothes for a move can take some time, so, let’s go through a few different ways of packing clothes. This can be really useful and save a lot of space and time!

  • Use some wardrobe boxes.
  • Leave clothes in the drawers. If you have a professional help you should leave some of the clothes in the drawers. Just seal them so they wouldn’t open in transport.
  • Wrap hanging clothes.  You can tie 5-15 hangers together and cover them with garbage bags to protect them from dust and dirt. Packed like this, you can just place them over some other boxes in the truck.
If you keep your clothes on hangers you don’t need to take them off, just tie them together and wrap them for protection
  • Vacuum seal off-season clothes. You won’t use off-season clothes for a while, so it’s good to pack them before moves arrive and vacuum seal them to save some space.
  • Pack delicate clothing and shoes separately. Delicate clothing should be wrapped in tissue in order to protect them from getting damaged.
  • Use small boxes for clothing! Clothes are heavy so packing them in a huge box is not a solution. You should use small boxes and pack them full. Like this, they won’t be too heavy to carry and to move around.

Store your clothes if needed

If you have a lot of clothes and you don’t have a space for them, you can always find perfect storage solutions in Arizona. If you need a temporary or even permanent storage place, you can ask your moving company and they will offer you the best storage place for you. Some clothing is delicate and sensitive to the different type of temperature, climate, direct sunlight, and humidity. If you want to keep your clothes undamaged and store them in a safe place, you should pick a climate controlled storage unit.