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Tips to prepare for a temporary move

This may sound very subjective, but moving can prove to be very dreadful. Still, regardless of how dreadful it may be, it is still something you start, go through and eventually finish. After that, you’re fine, the nightmare is over and you are safely tucked in your sofa enjoying Netflix. Right? In most cases, right. It is very pesky, but it has its lifecycle after which you are done and you can relax. People often don’t move every month. They move once in a decade, or more. In most cases at least. Right? Wrong! Think about a temporary move. And like for every move, call ahead to estimate your move.

These types of moves have all the normal aspects of your normal, long-term moves, but they are just more frequent! It can be a move that is only for a couple of nights. Maybe several weeks. Or ultimately, a couple of months. Each of which is very short-term, and can prove to be repetitive. In most cases, it is the poor businessman that has to live his life in a suitcase. These people tend to live through even up to 5 moves per year. Imagine this! Going through the moving process five times in one year, thanks to the awful temporary move.

Temporary move

Fortunately, there are things you can do to prepare. There are things you can do to make it somewhat easier on yourself.  There are things you can do to make this not become a total nightmare. We have prepared a set of tips and tricks for you to follow if you are the unfortunate soul that is living through a temporary move. Or several of them.

Do your research

The first thing to do in order to beat a temporary move, and make it bearable, is to do your research. This means that you need to find out everything that includes making the move bearable. For instance, you need to learn about where you will be staying. This also means that you need to investigate what you will be given in your temporary stay.

The first step should always be to do your research and make a checklist of things that are important for your move

Based on this research you will be able to plan what you are going to have to take with you, and what you will be able to leave behind. One of the things to do is call local movers Tucson AZ and get a quote for your move. Also, to further reduce the number of things you have to carry (and thus pack), you can research all the rentals in the area and figure out what you can rent out instead of carrying with you. Keywords for this adventure: book and inquire!

Stick to packing only the necessities

Travel light. Or as light as humanly possible, considering the circumstances. You know this is temporary which means you don’t really need to bring everything with you. Try to make a list of must-haves, and these will be the things you absolutely need. You should pack these things first.

Try to be as strategic as you can. Try to, based on the number of days you will be staying, plan out how many articles of clothes you will need for those days. Lastly, based on everything your temporary accommodations will offer, you can choose not to bring all of those things. Only take what you will not have, but will definitely need.

Store the things you will not be bringing

Now that everything has been strategized carefully, and that you are fully packed and ready to go, you should consider about making sure the things you are not bringing are stored safely. Do keep in mind that you will be leaving for a short period of time. This means that most of the things can be left behind, and for this short duration, no harm should come to them. Right?

In order to be super safe, you should always resort to a storage unit. Especially if you can nab one that has climate control. These storage units will make it 100% that your stuff will be safely kept and in mint condition away your return. If safety is your moto, this is the safest approach you can have.

If you want to protect your things and keep them safe consider hiring a storage unit

There is the third option of selling everything before you leave. However, we would advise against it. It’s a temporary move, meaning you will be home shortly. After this, you will most likely have to repurchase all of those things. You’d double the work you have to do for no specific gain.

Always keep the climate in hand

Before anything else, before the packing and the planning, take your time to do extensive research of the climate. Maybe you can plan everything out. Well, most likely you can. But the climate could change your plans entirely. This is why you should consult your favorite weather website and make sure you are on the right path. Consider that you can get caught off guard, as when you have to move on short notice. Here is a list of tips on how to handle a move on short notice.

This goes for both the items you will be bringing with yourself, as well as the ones you are leaving behind. Carefully asses the climate for the duration of your move in order to safely plan everything else. For instance, if it is going to be rainy and damp, make sure that you have your electronics well taken care of. A storage unit is a solution here.

Check weather forecasts regularly, as you don’t want to get caught moving during the storm

After all this trouble,  the last thing left at your plate is to deliver the belongings to the final destination. Make sure to double check both fronts. First, the one front that contains the items you are carrying with yourself. The second front being the items you are leaving behind. Trace your steps and make a moving checklist. Also, remember what you have done because, unfortunately, you will have to repeat it soon.

Stay positive and best of luck!