Tips to Avoid Injuries While Moving

Ever wanted to replace furniture in your apartment? If so. you have surely started thinking how to move furniture in or out of the apartment. The difficulty of this task depends on many factors there are. For instance the size and weight of the furniture and the number of people moving it. Also, the amount of free space available for movement of furniture, make of the furniture, etc. So before you get on to work, you need to properly assess the situation. Consider hiring a professional moving company to help you pack. Tucson elite movers are an accredited business and they come with great references from their customers. Make sure to plan out ahead before picking up any piece of furniture in order to avoid injuries while moving. 

In order to avoid moving injuries you must calculate everything perfectly...

Moving something as big and fragile as a pool table… Better be careful!

Avoid injuries while moving – preparation is the best prevention

It’s no big deal to move a small piece of furniture. Furthermore, it is easy to prepare for transport a piece of furniture that you can disassemble into smaller pieces. An example is a furniture piece you buy from a store that you later have to put together. But what can happen when moving something big like stoves or refrigerators is that if you are doing it incorrectly. This can cause severe and permanent injuries so it is necessary to make plans and preparation for the move.

How to properly carry furniture to minimize injury

First, you should consider if you can do the job yourself or you need some help of friends. It is always safer that you have someone with you to help you. Don’t be a hero thinking you can carry all on your own. It is always useful if you have someone to spot you and guide you. A good pair of sturdy gloves will help you have a firm grip on the furniture. This will also save you from splinters and injuries. Also, dress adequately in order to avoid catching your loose clothes while moving. This may result in you dropping whatever you carry. This can cause both damages to the belongings as well as injuries for yourself.

If you are doing heavy lifting make sure to lift the furniture not using your back. Take your time and don’t rush. Doing stretches before and after carrying helps avoid injuries while moving. However, you should still pay attention to if you feel pain in your body while moving. If so you should immediately stop. When carrying items don’t put them on your head or on your shoulders, and make sure not to carry more than one item at a time. It might be common sense but make sure you aren’t in a hurry when carrying items. If you run you might trip while carrying heavy weight and thus getting injured. Slow and steady wins the race when carrying any heavy items. Still, if you are uncertain on how to do this, consider hiring professional help, and consulting our moving services Arizona.

Taking necessary preparations before moving heavy furniture

Before you start moving big pieces of furniture make sure to measure them and use those measures to see if you have sufficient space to move them through doorways and any hallways in your path. You should take notes of any tight spots. Also, see if you can do anything to make up additional space, like taking the doors off the hinges or moving any other pieces of furniture out of the way.

In order to avoid moving injuries you need to carefully assess each piece of furniture you want to move.

Moving heavy furniture… Just be careful about it.

Check to see to see if it is possible to break down the furniture into smaller pieces that allow for easier movement. If there are any moving parts they need to be properly secured to prevent from moving as it is dangerous to carry furniture if doors unpredictably open, or drawers start falling out. Also clean out all the compartments to make the furniture lighter, like cleaning out drawers or taking the books off the bookshelves.

Heavy furniture needs to be properly transported. Hence, if you are using your vehicle make it is secured so it is safe enough to be transported through the traffic. You need to properly mark the items that exceed the limit of your vehicle in order to respect traffic regulations. Making sure to mark the items on your vehicle isn’t just important because it helps avoid injuries while moving to yourself or to anyone else. However, failure to comply might cause you to commit a traffic offense for which you can get a traffic ticket.

If it is too heavy or too complicated to move the furniture leave it to the professionals

Sometimes it is best to use the service of professionals even though it costs you money. You might think that saving at the expense of professional service is the cheapest way to move the furniture. However, reconsider how much it costs you when you damage your antique furniture. Also, consider the costs if you injure yourself and have to pay for recovery. When you pay professionals to move your furniture you can count that they come well equipped, and with sufficient experience to do the job most efficiently. Also, that is an excellent way to make sure that you avoid injuries while moving, as all the heavy lifting is on them leaving you safe and protected.

Avoid moving injuries by not being a superman. You can't put several huge boxes down the balcony. Bad idea.

And, don’t get too creative… You might damage the furniture or hurt yourself.

Keep in mind that using professional services comes at a price. Thus do some proper planning. You can ask your friends for a recommendation if you don’t know of any moving companies, or you can turn to a proven company like if you want to make sure you are getting the best service for your money.  You can try calling them to get a quote for your movement, and their quality assurance program will guarantee that you get your furniture safe while getting the best price.

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