Tips on moving in the off-peak season

Moving is not an easy feat and usually, it is a stressful one. You decided to relocate, and you found a perfect home for you and your family. Only what is left is to pick a date and start packing. You are considered lucky if you can move exactly when you want to. If that is the case, you should know a few things before picking a moving date. We bring you several tips for moving in the off-peak season that you may find useful.

Moving date of your choice

People tend to neglect the significance of the moving date and a well-organized moving schedule. Not everyone has the option to pick the best time of year and month for them to move. Usually due to working hours, family situations or sudden events, we are forced to pick earliest moving dates available. But if you are lucky and with all the options, you should consider moving over the autumn and winter period. There are many professional moving companies and local movers such as Sahuarita movers, that will handle non-season moving for you. With years of experience and the highest level of professionalism and equipment at your disposal. Which day of the month you chose for moving in the off-peak season is important as well. Let’s take a look below.

National park covered in snow.

Moving during the winter time.


Unlike summer period where only early mornings are cool and refreshing, autumn is almost always like that. This weather conditions are ideal for local and cross country moves. Also moving companies better operate on colder weather instead on extreme summer heats. Moving prices are better as well. Less demand in the moving industry will offer better deals. Best months are September, October, and November. Try to schedule your move over the fall period. You’ll have more time to settle in your new home before the winter holidays are upon you.


On the other hand, if you have children in school, you should consider moving over winter. You can set a moving date during winter holiday and make the whole transition a lot smoother. Weather conditions are harsh. Icy roads and snow are making a picture that moving in the off-peak season seems undoable and hard. In fact, statistically speaking there are fewer car accidents over winter and roads are safer. There are less traffic overall and fewer people on the road. But with a good organization and proper packing, you can stay safe and keep stress levels at a minimum. Not to mention all the hard-earned money you will save by choosing to move in the non-peak season.


Day of the month is important as well. As you may know already, a few days at the start and at the end of the month are the busiest. Apartment leases expire and renew, and there is a higher demand for all sorts of moving services. The weekend is the same, as well as ends of the week like Thursday and Friday. An ideal would be if you can schedule Monday through Wednesday period. It has less demand and better prices due to lack of work available in the middle of the week. In conclusion, the middle of the month is ideal for moving. This is active for the whole year, not only when you are moving in the off-peak season.

Budget-friendly moving costs

Regardless of the season, you chose for the move, it is smart to hire professional movers on time. As soon as you are aware of your moving date, give them a call. Preferably a few weeks in advance, just to be sure that you booked the exact date you wish. If moving locally you should try Oro Valley Movers. One of the best local movers in the area, with countless satisfied customers. Also, what is extremely important is that moving in off-peak season brings you up to 30% lower rates on all services. Since there is less demand, prices are lower and availability higher. You’ll have the access to full service of packing and relocating for a price of a regular peak season move.

Dollar bills.

Moving in the off-peak season is better for your budget.

How to handle bad weather conditions

Since offseason moving is from autumn through winter, you need to deal with bad weather conditions. It would be good if bad weather affects only your mood, but that is not the case. Rain, snow, snowstorms, and blizzard can be hard and dangerous. You need to take a few precautions and keep safe everyone engaged in the moving activity. We offer a few pro tips on how to prepare and always land on your feet.


Declutter your home before packing. Inspect your belongings and decide what you do not need anymore. You can donate, gift or sell and even boost your moving budget in the process. Some of the bulky items you need but you don’t want to transport while weather is bad? Rent a temporary personal storage unit. You can always come later and decide what to do. Fewer items you have, easier relocation is.

Storage unit

A storage unit is a good ally in the moving process.

Secure your belongings

While in the process of packing, keep in mind to secure boxes from leakage. Rain and snow can damage your belongings if boxes get wet. Use double wrappings, add extra cloth inside boxes and secure bottom and corners of your boxes with pads. Also, secure the area between your house and the moving truck. A floor of your moving vehicle you can secure with layers of cardboard or tarp. Be mindful where you leave your boxes, you don’t want to land them in the puddle.

Secure yourself

Security of your belongings is important. But what is more important is wellbeing of you and everyone helping with the move. If you have rain, provide raincoats for your helpers and movers. Gloves, boots, and hats if you are able.  Keep everyone hydrated and well fed, offer snacks and hot beverages to warm up and boost morale. If a snowstorm is upon you, be sure to clear the path and all areas around the house. Use shovels to remove the snow and use salt to melt down the ice. Also, keep a homemade first aid kit in your car for easy accessibility. Keep yourself healthy and safe while moving in off-peak season.

A first aid kit.

Always have a first aid kit with you!

In conclusion, the weather can be bad. But you save a lot of money and you have more time to plan your off-season move. If you are well organized and have few helpers with you, your move will be smooth and stress-free. Hopefully, this article provided useful tips that you can use while moving in the off-peak season. Good luck and stay safe.

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