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Tips for renting a public storage in Tucson AZ

Almost everyone has a storage place. People put their things there because they are moving so they need a place to keep their things safe. From the other side, you can use the storage for the things you don’t use often and you have no space to keep them at your own home. We will try to give you some useful tips about public storage and how you should use it properly. Now, let’s see what you should know about renting a public storage Tucson AZ.

Before renting a public storage Tucson AZ

First of all, we all want our things to be safe and of course, we do want to access to the things we need as much as we want. A wise move would be to check and call several storage facilities so you can be sure which one suits you the most. Before you start looking for the storage place, you should check and sort your budget. You need to be sure of a price, then the size of the storage placeclimate controlled place etc. The price depends on what do you need and it is different depends on the company. And you also need to know what not to store in a storage unit.

Public storages are normally large, but you can usually find a smaller one, as well.

Things you need to know before renting a public storage:

  • Price
  • Chose the right size of your storage space
  • Security
  • Temperature and climate controlled storage space
  • Transport (truck)
  • Indoor vs outdoor

Price for a public storage

When we talk about price, it is always negotiable. Storage places always offer their customers different kind of promotions. If they are not, you can suggest one, and most of the time you get to the good settlement at the end. You can usually get a discount if you want to play for a few months upfront. They usually offer the first month for free and after that, you can negotiate. Also, you can ask about the military discount or refer a friend discount etc.

Chose the rift size of your storage space

Depending on what you actually need to put in a storage place you should check for the unit size. Of course, you will need to know that price can be different, higher or lower, when the size of the storage place is in question. Before renting a public storage Tucson AZ, you should use calculators that companies have on their websites. That’s a good way to calculate what kind and size of a storage place you would need to rent. Or, you can call the company or go there to check the space yourself. It is really important to properly assess storage options when embarking on cross country moving Arizona.

Security of storage places

This is very important too, you do want to know that your things placed in a public storage place are safe. You should ask about video surveillance, which is really important, visually tracking what is going on in the storage facility. Other than that, electronic gates and secured code access too.  Alarms on each door of the storage unit are good to have too. All those questions you should ask before storing your things in a public storage place. If the facility is very well secured you will be able to sleep in peace because your things are safe.

Video surveillance is first and foremost in storage security, but it is only one layer of the whole system!

Temperature and climate controlled storage units

Paying some extra for storage units with climate and the controlled temperature is not a waste of money at all. All of us have some pictures, antiques or artwork that we just want to keep and safe from being damaged. Humidity can cause damage to your valuable belongings. Also, direct contact with the sunlight can cause a lot of damage if the painting is exposed to it directly. You should consider paying some extra for the climate controlled storage place because it really can be useful. A lot of storage facilities have climate controlled units so that’s why renting a public storage Tucson AZ is a very good solution.

Transport to the storage place

Every storage company has their own ways to pack and transport your stuff to their storage facility. Of course, you can do that yourself, but it’s highly recommended to just let the professionals do their job. Like that, you won’t have to be worried about stuff you do wanna store and you will know your belongings will be taken care of the best. In case you do want to rent a storage unit for a long time or paying upfront for several months, you should ask about the transport discount or free truck. Just imagine how hard piano moving in Tucson and storing can be if you need to do it by yourself!

Transportation is usually done by big trucks, but there are other options available.

Indoors vs Outdoors

The indoor storage means you have to pass through the hallways or get into the building to get to your storage unit. The outdoor ones look like a garage where you can pull up the door and that makes your load or unload easier. The indoor storage units are more secure because of their separation from the outside world. From the other side, the indoor units can be a little bit more difficult to approach if you do want to store some big things in there, like piano etc. The storage units can be placed on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd floor too which can also be difficult to approach. That’s why storage units on the higher floors are usually cheaper than the ground floor ones.


We all want our things to be safe when we put them in the storage place. Make sure that the company you are hiring has an insurance policy. If you have insurance, be sure that they cover everything you need. You can get insurance in case of a fire or theft but what in case of an earthquake or floods. That’s why you need to be sure about everything in order to keep your things as safest as possible.

Renting a public storage Tucson AZ can only be a good and positive thing for you. There are a lot of companies who would love to help and take care of your things the best way they can. What you should do is just search for the company you want. After storing everything safely, you will be able to be in peace knowing your things are in the safe place.