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Tips for Packing and Moving Your Business

Deciding on packing and moving your business to a new location will mean a major change for your company. Whether it is due to the opportunity to reach new markets, move into bigger premises or lower the overall expenses, relocating a business can have many upsides to the company’s growth. Even though the thought of a business relocation and its benefits is exciting, many business owners and CEOs dread the moving process itself. The most common commercial moving AZ mistake is a lack of proper planning and preparations. Packing and moving an office requires a well thought moving plan and dedicated staff.

Prepare your business for the relocation

In order to minimize the business disruption when moving your company, you need to plan in advance. A detailed commercial moving plan will allow you to have everything ready for the moving they. Therefore, you will avoid unnecessary delays and problems with the company’s workflow.

The commercial move will be trouble-free with a detailed moving plan

Here are a few important steps to follow when moving your business:

  • Start planning by determining a moving schedule, deadlines and a timeline
  • Form a staff relocation team.
  • Make a packing plan when packing and moving your business.
  • Hire a reliable commercial moving company.
  • Create a moving budget.
  • Prepare for the moving day.

What is the timeframe for your company’s relocation?

The very first task of your office move should be to determine the relocation deadline. Deciding on a moving date will help you plan your business activities in between. Start planning as early as possible. Packing and moving your business takes time. Therefore, make sure your timeline is a bit flexible as well. Consult a middle management member of staff. It is possible that a company’s supervisor will be able to help you with balancing all of the company’s work processes and the relocation at the same time, much better than a board member.

Why is it so important to form a relocation team?

Packing and moving a business can be tiring and complicated. Therefore, make sure you are not alone. Form a relocation team from your staff. Besides having much-needed help, being a part of the business process will give your employees feel included in the decision making. They will also, more likely, come on board after understanding the reasons for such a big change. Keeping up the team spirit will help you move your company quickly and without any troubles. 

Make sure each of the team members has its own responsibilities and duties. Therefore you will avoid any task overlaps and save time. You can either delegate the responsibilities, by the departments or specific tasks (packing, budget…)

How to create a business packing plan?

Stay organized during a commercial move. First things come first. Decide on which of the company’s possessions you actually want to move to the new premises. Relocations are often a great opportunity to rebrand the workspace and upgrade your company’s equipment and electronics. Sell or donate the electronics you want to replace. You might be able to add up to the moving budget and lower the moving cost by relocating fewer items.

Use the moving time to upgrade your company’s electronics

A new and redecorated office space can boost your staff’s motivation and productivity. Therefore, have your relocation team prepare the ideas for redecorating your new offices.

Packing is the process that will require preparations in advance. The safest way to pack and move your business is to use professional AZ packing services. Experienced and skilled packing and moving experts will protect your company’s furniture and electronics during the move.

Pack your boxes according to the office they belong to. This way your staff will be able to unpack quickly and without losing any electronic components. Label the boxes and crates. Know where each item is will speed up the business settling in process.

How to find a reliable mover for packing and moving your business?

There are more than 7000 registered moving companies in the US. Avoid moving scams by doing a detailed research prior to signing a contract with the movers. Ask the moving company to provide you with a few letters of recommendations and check their reputation. Look for the online reviews and the way they present themselves. As a business yourself, you know that companies take great pride in branding. It should be the same case with the movers you hire. Them not having visibly branded vehicles and premises should raise a red flag.

Reliable movers will create a tailored moving plan

A reliable moving company will always offer to create a tailored moving plan for your business relocation. With a professional mover, you won’t have to worry about any relocation step. They will adjust to your timeline and execute the move safely. Make sure you check for any hidden fees. Also, don’t forget to ask your mover about their additional services. Moving insurance, packing, and AZ storage solutions are the one that will help your business move hassle-free.  Having some extra storage space will be useful during the first few months in a new location.

How to create a moving budget for a corporate move?

Moving cost is usually the very first and biggest concern for any business owner. Therefore, make sure you create the relocation budget well in advance. Start by asking your mover for a quote and an AZ moving pricing plan. Packing supplies are the next big expense you will need to add up.

Calculate your company’s spendings that are not related to the moving process. Having a clear picture of the overall cost will help you plan the rebranding budget as well.

Here comes the business moving day!

Even though this the moment you have been anticipating, the moving day can be a bit overwhelming. Having the movers and your staff walk around with heavy boxes and furniture can turn chaotic. Therefore, make sure all of your employees know their duties during the moving day. Leave the heavy lifting to the pros. Moving experts have the knowledge and tools to move heavy items without any damages or injuries.

Whether you are packing and moving your business to a nearby city or across the United States keep in mind that a company’s moving day may last more than just one day. Therefore, make sure you follow you moving timeline right from the beginning!