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Tips for moving your houseplants

Tips for moving your houseplants

Articles often talk about moving with children. On top of that, the second most popular topic is moving with pets, cats or dogs. Or ferrets. Either way, what about the people who have no pets. Or kids. But have a ton load of plants? We need some loving too! Well, today I am here for you. We are going to focus on tips for moving your houseplants! Finally, someone to cover the actual best ways and practices for moving your houseplants. Our green friends need some love too!

Fortunately for you, moving your houseplants is no rocket science. There are a few things you really need to be careful about, but fundamentally it is simple. Considering you don’t have to mount your plants on a plane or something crazy like that. We will stick to your normal, mediocre truck relocations. There are a few things that are different between a long distance and a short distance move, as far as your houseplants go. Ask long distance movers Tucson if you don’t believe me. But nothing too dramatic and nothing impossible to achieve.

Let’s get right into it!

Moving your houseplants

We have to understand that there are countless types of plants and if we were to try to give advice for each species this article could go for miles. No, this is not what we are going to do. We are going to attempt to be as general as possible, addressing some issues that are common for all types of plants you might own. Even the extremely exotic ones. We will differentiate short distance moves, and things to focus on during those. Furthermore, we will discuss the long distance moves and what you need to keep an eye for during them.

Your favorite plant will be in safe hands if you follow these tips for moving

Short distance moves

Within short distance moves, there is nothing special to worry about. You will just use your common sense when loading the truck. Try to have all the plants stand on solid ground (don’t put them on various boxes and unstable surfaces). You will want each pot to have a plate under it to capture any excess water that might go overboard. Also, you will want to secure each pot in case of the truck going on an unstable road. The best way to achieve this would be to, once you arrange all the pots, tie them together. It does not need any firm knot or anything special like that, just move some rope around bringing them all together. A normal knot will work just fine.

Make sure nothing can fall over and land on the plant. So, if you are pilling boxes make sure they are in no way able to fall over if a truck makes a rough turn or a sudden stop. If this happens you are risking irrevocable damage to one of your plants. They are usually very difficult to recover from such damage.

Plants that do enjoy watering should be watered right before the actual move, just in case. They will be in a dark place so you are not risking any damage from watering them during daylight. Of course, those plants that are watered rarely should not be watered before the trip.

Ultimately, if you can afford it, you should always populate one truck with plants alone. Make sure to keep the plants with needles and stings away from those that don’t. They could have a negative impact on one another.

Long distance move

Moving your houseplants long distance can prove to be far more challenging than a short distance. Considering that long distance move can take a couple of days of travel even, you have to carefully monitor your plants as often as you can. Let’s say for example that you are moving to Arizona from out of state. For those who enjoy being watered frequently, a self-deployed water mechanism could be ever so useful. If you can’t find anything specific, a simple IV bag can make all the difference. Of course, you will want the bag filled with water instead of the medication. Once you have it full of water, make sure you position the end of the hose into the dirt of the plant. This way, it will drip slowly and make sure that your plant is being hydrated for the entirety of the trip.

Furthermore, some plants cannot stand being away from light for more than a day. This is why you might be forced to take breaks every now and then in order to open the trucks and air them out.

Keep track of time, as your plant might need to grab some sunlight during transport

Once you do this make sure to let some sunlight in and have the plants absorb as much as they can. None of the plants will die for just a couple of days, but you want to make it better for them as much as you can. Moving your houseplants can be a stressful process for you since it is a live being that you need to take into consideration. Truck drivers might get annoyed after a while, but you are their client and they should cater to your needs!

Other challenges

Moving your houseplants is a challenge in itself. It is a very stressful process to try to have no harm come to your plants until they reach their new home. However, you will have to deal with the fact that something might actually happen to them. A plant or two may end up dying because is just too much stress. Don’t see this as your failure since the process is very difficult as it is.

Don’t be worried that something might happen to your plants in transport. If you follow instructions carefully most of them should be just fine.

Also, if after the move you need to store some of your things you can see here if it is a good idea to put your plants in storage. Try to follow these steps and make sure you give it your best, and your houseplants will appreciate it greatly!

Good luck!