Things to Consider When Renting a Moving Truck

Relocating can be stressful and tiring because it takes a lot of time and planning. Renting a moving truck is one of the things we will certainly need. No matter what we do, relocating to a new home with our family, moving our business or simply storing some of our belongings in a storage facility, we will always need a truck. Even if we decide to move by ourselves or we want to hire a professional moving company, a truck is something that is really necessary.

A Professional Moving Company

In case you decide to hire a professional moving company, you won’t make a mistake. Professional movers have years of experience and very well trained and good employees. No matter if you need help with a short or long distance move, moving companies will always help the best way they can. Also, you will always get professional help for cross country move. Moving companies will offer you plenty of services that you will certainly need. But, hiring them will make your relocating process easy and without stress.

Some services you can get from a professional moving company are:

  • Packing and labeling your packed belongings
  • Truck and transport services
  • Security and insurance
  • Storage units
  • Unpacking 
  • Special services

What do you need to know when Renting a Moving Truck

So, in case you are not using a professional moving company help, you will have to rent a moving truck yourself. And renting a moving truck can be tricky. You will have to know and calculate a lot of different things. Nobody likes to go back and forth and waste time. So, to avoid that and transport all the stuff you need fast, you will have to check what kind and size of a moving truck do you actually need.

Another thing you should do is to call several companies in order to compare the prices and get a good deal at the end. Like this, you will also save some money. Also, do not wait for the last day to get a moving truck! You should book the moving truck earlier so you can avoid all unnecessary stress and rush when the time for move comes.

Also, do not forget to get insurance. Transporting our stuff safely is the thing we all want. But, considering that we are moving everything we have, there can always be a small chance for our stuff to get damaged or completely destroyed. Because of this, you should surely check how and where to get a good moving insurance. 

Estimate the size of a moving truck

Nobody likes to make numerous trips when they are moving. So, the right size of a truck is the thing you should know before you rent it. If you are hiring a professional moving company, they will send the truck that you need. But, in case you are renting a moving truck yourself, you should check and do the research for a proper moving truck size.

When renting a moving truck consider the size of it, according to your need to move all your things

It’s important to get a truck that is big enough to move all of your things in one drive

For example, in case you are moving one or two rooms worth of belongings, you will need a 12-foot moving truck. From the other side, if you move five to seven room worth of belongings, you will need a 26-foot moving truck. You can check and estimate the size of a truck yourself. Of course, you can also ask for advice the company you are renting a moving truck from.

Call several companies and compare prices

The price of a moving truck varies. Also, it depends on several different factors.  The most important ones are the size of a truck, distance, and the date. This is why you should call several different companies. Some of them will give you a discount, some won’t, but will most likely get a good deal at the end.

Contact several moving companies ahead of time so you find out who has the best deal for you

Make your moving arrangements ahead of time so you can get the best price and service

Price also depends on the day in the week and season. Most of the times it will be cheaper to rent a truck during the week, than on weekends. Also, you can get a good deal during the days when moving trucks are not in high demand. So, if you have time and you are not in a rush, you should consider all the options. That’s how you can get a good deal and save the money.

Book a Moving Truck early

People tend to move during the summer. Nobody likes to move when it’s snowing, raining and cold. During this time, renting a moving truck will be a little bit expensive. End of the months can be pretty busy too. So, if you can, just book a moving truck few weeks or even months earlier. Waiting for the last minute to solve all the problems will just make everything more difficult and stressful.

Get Insurance

We all want to think positively, but accidents can happen. In case you get in an accident with a rental truck or your belongings get stolen, you will need the insurance. So, be sure to check with your insurance company if you are covered. Also, check if you need to get some additional insurance.

Accidents can happen and you don't want to be left without your things and compensation, so make sure your things are insured before the move

It would be tragic if you were left without your things and compensation, so see that they are insured before the move

You can also ask the company that rents the moving trucks. They can offer you several types of insurances and you can pick the one you want. The rental company will offer you insurance with these features:

  • Supplemental liability insurance
  • Damage waivers
  • Personal and cargo policies
  • Auto tow protection

Also, you will need a moving truck if you want to place some of your belongings to the storage facility. You can always find good and reliable storage solutions in Tucson AZ. You can hire a professional moving company to load stuff into storage units or you can do it yourself.

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