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Things professional movers will not move

When it comes to moving a large population of people moving puts all their trust in the moving company they hire. This is normal. And the statistics are not wrong. It is so much easier to rely on professional assistance than to try to do something on your own. In spite of the fact that both scenarios can sometimes lead to disasters, chances are far less likely to prevail when hiring professional moving assistance. But what are the things professional movers will not move? This applies to any company as it does for our movers Sierra Vista AZ.

What happens when your movers simply say ‘No’? Believe it or not, your professionals, God bless them, will not put their hands on everything. Fortunately, the good ones will let you know well in advance what are the things they will not dabble in. However, some will not tell you this. In order to avoid awkward moments where you were misinformed about what the movers will touch, and what they won’t, you should pay close attention to the following paragraphs.

What are the things professional movers will not move?

So, as you may have already understood, even though your movers are there to make your life easy, there are things that they will not touch. If they don’t touch it, it most likely will not get moved. Unless you jump in and take care of business yourself. 

But, if you were not informed about this… Well, you might end up in an awkward situation. Still, this article will explain and list the things professional movers will not move. In some cases at least, because this is not a general rule of thumb. Just the majority of cases we are aware of. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the list of things professional movers will not move.


In most cases, this applies only to long distance moves. The fact is that long distance movers will almost never deal with plants. The good news is the fact that they frequently communicate this well in advance so you get to organize yourself in time. They are not going to wait for the last second to inform you that they are not dealing with your green family. If they do consider them extremely unprofessional and you can challenge that statement.

Plants can cause a lot of trouble for movers when they need to move it across a long distance, so they usually avoid moving it

The second reason most will not deal with plants is of legal nature. If the plant is supposed to be moved over a distance bigger than 150 miles, the movers need a special license in order to do it legally. In most cases, the movers will not pursue this license since it’s expensive and not always necessary. Simply not worth it. So, ask them before you hire them: Do they take care of your green family as well!?

Hazardous materials

The list of things professional movers will not move goes towards hazardous materials. When we say hazardous materials,  you instantly think of the chemical ninja turtles are made of. But, you’d be surprised just how many hazardous materials are sitting in plain sight without you deeming them as such.

Aerosol cans, paint, paint thinners, batteries, fire extinguishers are extremely hazardous materials and your movers will not play with that at any cost. So, be prepared to recycle some of the listed items, You could donate them, sell them or simply dispose of them, for they will most likely not make it to the moving truck.

Your movers will be ever so kind as to provide you with a list of hazardous materials ahead of time so you can act on it accordingly. If you leave any of the things unused or undisposed of until the moving day, consider them thrown away. The same thing goes for storage solutions Arizona, that keep your things for you. No one wants to put hazardous material in contained space because it can cause God knows what kind of damage.


I mean, I know. You are going to say ‘duh’. But it still needs to be mentioned. Your movers will not allow any ammunition, black powder, primers and propellants anywhere near their precious trucks. So, don’t even go there. If you have any, you probably shouldn’t begin with.


I assume it is not hard to believe that extremely valuable items make the list of things professional movers will not move. And for obvious reasons. They do not wish to be held accountable for an absurdly expensive piece of jewelry, or a painting, to get banged up.

If you own huge valuable things, there are special art handlers that will take care of this for you, for a price of course. But, if we are talking about valuable documents, cash or jewelry, you want them kept on your person, rather than in a van. It is not something you want to lose during the move, do you?


Do we really need to explain this? We surely hope that the answer is no. Van packed up with boxes is no place for a pet. And we hope that you will stick to this ideology. Pets are going through as much stress as you are, maybe even more. This is why you need to keep your pets with you in your car. Or in your plane, depending on the distance that you are moving to.

Your pet can act unpredictably for many reasons, and although it can look cute it can cause damage while people are moving heavy things.

So, don’t bring your movers in an awkward situation where they have to explain why they will not place your dog in the back of a van.

Flammables and corrosives

Last on the list of things your movers will most likely not care for are flammables and corrosives. And for obvious reasons. Any type of acid or items that are deemed flammable (kerosene, charcoal, lighter fluid, etc.) will most likely not come anywhere near a loaded moving van. And we hope we don’t need to explain why.