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The ultimate moving checklist

The time has come! You made the decision! You and your family are moving to a new place, it is an exciting period for everyone. But how to ensure that everything will go smooth, that you have done everything you can in order to ease the process? Enter moving checklist. This little piece of paper will immensely help you in this endeavor. Your moving company will gladly assist with advice when creating such a checklist. We will gladly help you prepare for your move.

Moving Checklist – Timetable

Actually, before we get to the checkboxes, let me just repeat the importance of “due time” in this moving checklist. You should be checking all the boxes in the time period, or close to it, in which they are presented. Some you can do later or earlier, feel free to tailor the list to your own personal preference and agenda.

Take the time and make the moving checklist.

ETM (Estimated Time of Moving) – Minus Two Months

There are four boxes in this one that you need to fill, you can do them in any order that suits you the best.

#1 – Keep or Throw?

Here you will be going through the painstaking process of what do you want to keep and what do you need to throw away. Hence, divide the house into sectors (kitchen, attic, living room, etc). If a particular sector is just too big to be tackled in one go, divide it into smaller sections. You should also be having a notepad or any way to note the information down about any of the special requirements of certain items, such as special packing or maybe even covering some items with extra insurance.

#2 – Be a detective

It is really unfortunate that we live in an environment where scams and inaccurate quotes are commonplace but it is what it is. What you need to do, in order to mitigate most of it, is to do some research. Get the moving companies to get to your place and give you estimates that are based on actual on-site details.

Do not settle for an estimate over the phone. Get the said estimate in writing. Investigate the company. Are they registered? Do they have good reviews? Rest assured, Tucson elite movers most definitely are! This particular box of our moving checklist will save you the most money, out of them all, and that is why I am elaborating on it so much.

#3 – Catalogue

Catalog everything! All the receipts and estimates you have, as well as making a clear inventory of all things that are to be moved.

#4 – Back To School

Visit the school your kid is in and make arrangements for records transfer. On another note, you would be amazed at how many people forget this one…

ETM – Minus Six Weeks

#1 – Get some supplies

You will need a lot of stuff for moving and now is the time to get it.

So, you will require various tape and bubble wrap. So, if you need them, get some specialized containers like barrels for dishes.

#2 – Consume or lose

This is the time to use up all those perishables you will not be moving with you.

#3 – Measure

If you can, you should always take some time to measure the exact dimensions of the rooms in the new place. Otherwise, it would be a waste to move that big couch if it cannot fit where you want it!

ETM – Minus One Month

This is the meatiest part of the ultimate moving checklist. Furthermore, this is the time where you will be doing the most work.

#1 – Who is moving me?

Carefully choose a moving company, get all the information and write everything down in your catalog. Hence, make sure to investigate the moving services Arizona the company will offer.

#2 – Time To Start Packing

This is the time to pack all that stuff that you are not really using all the time.

Sure, you might need them but let’s be real, you most likely will not. Oh, also make sure that if you have some items that are especially valuable to you, insure them more.

#3 – Labels are your friend

Every box needs to have a label indicating what is in there and where it is supposed to go. Stuff that you need as soon as possible should be labeled “Essential” or similar. Be creative!

#4 – Lock up your diamonds

Everything that is really important should go in a safe box which will be on your person (or in your car) at all times. You should do well to put that estimate from the catalog in there, you will need it.

#5 – Address Change

Quite a simple one, but absolutely necessary. Make sure post you inform the post office of your move. Furthermore, provide them with a forwarding address.

#6 – Who needs to know?

Time to inform everyone that might be interested in where you are moving, such as credit card companies, banks, magazine subscriptions, etc.

#7 – Medical Records

If you have prescribed meds, make sure to stack up on those!

Often forgot, make sure that your medical records are forwarded to your new medical professionals, and/or get copies of those for yourself!

ETM – Minus Two Weeks

#1 – Do not work

A simple one, make sure you are not working on that day.

#2 – Drive safely

In which I mean, take the car to a mechanic and, if you are changing climates, see if you need anything serviced for it.

#3 – Loot the box

If switching banks, empty your old safe deposit and take the contents with you.

#4 – Is everything still on?

Contact the movers again. Confirm the initial agreement.

ETM Minus One Week

#1 – Better safe than sorry

If you are using prescriptions, now is the time to hoard them, at least to be safe for a couple of weeks.

ETM – Minus Few Days

#1 – Defrost

Simple enough, defrost that freezer. Furthermore, check out what you will throw away and what you will keep.

#2 – Pay the man

Moving is difficult and if your movers go the extra mile, make sure you have some funds to tip the guys.


End of the moving checklist. So, you are almost there!

You’re packed up and ready to roll!

#1 – Get In The Van

Cross-reference the information they gave you with the vehicle that showed up. So, The van should have correct markings and numbers. But, if anything is different, give them a call.

#2 – Is Everything There?

Get the inventory list, sign it, and keep a copy. Hence, you are safe at all times.