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The ultimate breakdown of terms

The moving industry uses a large number of specific terms to describe their services, charges, and fees. If you decide to hire our movers Green Valley AZ, you will see it for yourself. While you might be familiar with most of them, there are certainly some that might get you thinking. So, an ultimate breakdown of terms in the moving industry is something that everyone should have.

Who knew there would be so many terms?

Well, you should do your best to familiarize yourself with most of these terms and that is where our ultimate breakdown of terms comes in. By reading about every term in a bit more detail, you will also equip yourself with the knowledge required to understand. We will present this ultimate breakdown of terms in alphabetical order, not by the order of importance.

Ultimate Breakdown Of Terms – The List Of Terms

  • Additional Services (Accessorial Charges)
  • Advanced Charges
  • AMSA Certified Mover
  • Appliance Service
  • Auto Inventory
  • Bill Of Lading
  • Binding Or Non-Binding Estimate
  • Bulky Item
  • Carrier
  • Claim
  • Change Order
  • C.O.D
  • Destination Agent
  • Diversion
  • Estimate
  • Flight Charge (Stair Carry Charge)
  • Fuel Surcharge
  • Full Packing and Unpacking
  • High-Value Items
  • Inventory
  • Interstate
  • Intrastate
  • Linehaul Charges
  • Long Carry
  • Non-Allowable List
  • Overflow
  • PBO
  • Shuttle Service
  • SIT
  • Valuation
  • Warehouse Handling

While there are many other terms, we feel that these ones are the most important. Let us proceed with the breakdown

Additional Services (Accessorial Charges)

This term covers everything besides transport costs, such as packing, appliance service and so on.

Advanced Charges

These are third-party charges, such as craftsman or professional charges. They are added to the bill of lading charges.

AMSA Certified Mover

A mover that is operating under his own authority, given by the Federal Highway Administration. Follows AMSA Code of Conduct.

Appliance Service

This includes preparing your electrical appliances for shipment, ensuring shipping safety.

Your appliances need to be ready for the moving, otherwise, they might break or do some damage.

Auto Inventory

The list that shows the condition and mileage of all vehicles that are being moved, at the time of shipping.

Bill Of Lading

This is the receipt and contract between the moving company and the client that is moving. Sometimes its called B/L or BoL. It is really important to understand everything that is in this document before you sign it.

Binding or Non-Binding Estimate

The non-binding estimate shows the approximate cost of the move, which may be further influenced by the weight and tariffs. A binding estimate is a guarantee of how much the move will cost. Perhaps the most important item in ultimate breakdown of terms list.

Bulky Item

An extra charge for items that are considered bulky. These might include extra large Tv’s, sheds and so on.


The simple term for a mover that is transporting your household items.


If any items end up damaged, you will also need to submit a claim to the moving company. They will then reimburse, repair or replace the items.

Change Order

When you request to add or remove anything to the shipment, moving company will create a change order. It will amend the amount on the estimate.


Stands for Cash On Delivery. It indicates the amount that you still owe to the company upon delivery.

Destination Agent

This would be an agent that is either at your destination or near it, which will provide all the information and services required to complete the move.


Indicates a change in destination, after the transport has already begun. There might be additional charges.


A full calculation of all charges and services that are requested by the mover. It also includes an estimate of the weight of the shipment.

Flight Charge (Stair Carry Charge)

An extra charge that is applied when items need to be carried up or down the stairs.

Fuel Surcharge

If the price of fuel changes, moving companies may also add a surcharge to account for it. This will apply to the general cost of moving.

Full Packing And Unpacking

This is a service that will have your mover both pack and also unpack your items, while also providing his own packing supplies. This incurs an additional charge for labor and the cost of supplies.

High-Value Items

These are all of the items that have a value of more than $100 per pound.

Everything from jewelry to art pieces can be a high-value item


A list that describes all the items, with a number and also conditions of each item.


Interstate is for moves that occur between two states and intrastate stand for moves that are within the same state. For example, if you are moving to Glendale, AZ from Phoenix, AZ that would be considered an intrastate move.

Linehaul Charges

This term describes the charges which are calculated based on the total weight of the shipment and also mileage for long distance move.

Long Carry

Stands for extra charge for moving items between the vehicle and home, when the said distance is excessive.

Non-Allowable List

List of items that are prohibited from moving, such as any items that pose a danger to the moving process. May include furniture that does not fit through doorways. Also includes contaminated items, chemicals etc.


If there is not enough space in the primary vehicle, items will be moved to overflow which also means that there is a need for another vehicle.


Stands for Packed By Owner.

Shuttle Service

This term is used when there is a need for a smaller vehicle. Usually happens when large moving trucks cannot access the location.


Stands for Storage In Transit, which means that the shipment will be placed in a warehouse. This will also incur an additional warehouse handling fee. You can find out here more about storage in Arizona.


Indicates the total monetary worth of the shipment, that you set. You will also incur an additional charge, which will reflect the greater liability of the moving company.

Warehouse Handling

This is the charge that applies when you require SIT service.

And that brings us to the end of our ultimate breakdown of terms. There may also be some other terms that we did not cover here but these are the most important ones to know.

This brings our Ultimate breakdown of terms to a close. Hopefully you can now talk with movers without a concern that there should be any misunderstanding.