Sahuarita vs Green Valley – where should you live?

So, you are planning to move to another town! Congratulation on your new life-changing decision! But, there is one thing you are now wondering. After you spend so much time thinking about it, you narrowed the choices in two cities. Sahuarita vs Green Valley! Luckily, you can read here about the benefits and downfalls (which are almost none) of living in these two cities.

Sahuarita vs Green Valley – about Sahuarita

It is not easy when it comes to choosing between Sahuarita vs Green Valley. Mostly because both towns have exceptional opportunities for both young people and parents with families. But, let us now start with Sahuarita. As one of the thriving cities in Arizona, you should definitely check it out!

A woman talking about percentages in Sahuarita vs Green Valley job market discussion

In Sahuarita vs Green Valley discussion, it is important to speak about the job market

Located in Pima County, Sahuarita has over 25.000 citizens. With its unemployment rate of 3.5%, it is below the US average. The job market has increased during the past years for over 2%, making predictions for the future growth of jobs around 42%. This is great for upcoming young entrepreneurs because it is above the US average of 32%.

Income, salaries and taxes in Sahuarita

What puts Sahuarita above other places in the AZ is that for a small town, the average income is around $26.000, which are $2000 dollars short of the US average. When we talk about median household income, the people living here make $65.000 a year, which is almost $10.000 higher than US average! This information is crucial when people are deciding between Sahuarita vs Green Valley! The most important taxes are sales and income taxes. With sales taxes being around 8%, income taxes 4% and

Calculator and bunch of papers - the costs of Sahuarita vs Green Valley

Taxes are not that high in Sahuarita

If you decide to move to Sahuarita, then this can benefit you a lot. Because with such a high median household income, you can plan on doing a lot of projects. But, first things first, you need to move there. And that requires hiring reliable and affordable movers Sahuarita AZ. Look around for them! You will surely find ones that will meet your needs!

Green Valley Arizona

Located in Pima County with a population of 24,000 people, Green Valley is a small old town that will get you that old times feeling! What makes it a bit harder to live in Green Valley is its hot climate! The hot/desert like climate makes Green Valley have 3 seasons. A very mild winter, hot summer and a monsoon season!  You should know that temperatures are very hot during the monsoon and summer seasons! Going around  90 °F or 32.2 °C!

Thermometers with different temperatures

Temperatures can get pretty high

This can make it a bit difficult to live in Green Valley, but if you are accustomed to hot weather, then you shouldn’t worry about it! Head on and hire your moving companies Green Valley AZ and relocate soon! Remember, hiring reliable movers in Arizona will make your relocation much easier! Not to mention the amount of money you can save.

Green Valley economy

In Sahuarita vs Green Valley dispute, we have to mention the economy of both places. The job growth is predicted to be over 35% over the next couple of years. While the average income is $35.000, it is fairly higher than the US average. The Median household income of Green Valley goes around $46,000, which is less than the US average.

Dollar bill and an arrow pointing up

For a small town, the economy in Green Valley keeps developing

As you may notice there are a lot of pros and cons for relocating to Green Valley. But, that doesn’t have to be absolute! Mostly because it all falls down to your own decision. If you have a steady and well-paid job waiting for you, then you shouldn’t worry about moving to Green Valley! But, there are other benefits of relocating to Green Valley you should know about. Especially if you still haven’t decided between Sahuarita vs Green Valley!

Sahuarita vs Green Valley education

There are 9 schools in Sahuarita right now. With 8 of them being public schools with only 1 private school. When it comes to funding the schools, the town spends almost $6.500 per student, which is way bellowing US average of $12,000. But, being a small town it is reasonable. When you count it, there are around 18 pupils on one teacher, with 2,600 per librarian, and 450 per counselor! So, as you can notice, the students are pretty much well covered by Sahuarita’s educational plan.

Kid drawing on paper

Education in Sahuarita is above average

But this shouldn’t discourage you from moving to Sahuarita. Yes, the investment in students is pretty much lower than the nation’s average, but the quality of the education is almost at the same level. And it is understandable since it is a small town. These are just one of the costs of residing in Sahuarita.

Sahuarita vs Green Valley time cost quality triangle

The costs of living in Sahuarita are not that high

On the other hand, there are no public and private schools in Green Valley. Mostly because there are not enough pupils to teach (approximately 25 per teacher). Green Valley spends over $25.000 per student. Which is almost double the amount of the nation’s average. Which to be honest, is a lot of money! That only means that Green Valley cares about its future generations!


Sahuarita Vs Green Valley is always up for debate when it comes to relocating. If you like the feel of a small town, you will love it here. The jobs are on the rise, and there are a lot of family and pet-friendly places you can visit. Furthermore, you can enjoy a lot of relaxing and quality time in these towns. Yes, they are small and some costs are a bit higher, but most of the people prefer it that way. You can’t find peace in bigger cities, that’s for sure. We hope we gave you enough information about both of these cities. And at the same time, making your decision about moving a bit easier. If you have anything to add up, feel free to leave a comment! You can do it in the comment section down below! We can’t wait to hear from you anytime soon!

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