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Safe Storage Tips: What Not To Put In Your Storage Unit

We all need to store stuff at some point in our lives. One of the questions that might arise while storing is what not to put in your storage unit. Items that I will present in this list are not suitable to just “Store and Forget”. Before you start storing your items, you might want to consider reading more about packing a storage unit.

I would just like to note that I am considering regular storage conditions in this article.

So, without further ado, let me present you with the list.

What Not To Put In Your Storage Unit -Electronics

First on the list is a category that we all end up storing. Old motherboards, TV screens, cameras, etc. These items will get damaged if you just leave them stored for prolonged periods of time. Your sensitive electronics are quite prone to humidity damage and also do not fare well in extreme temperature conditions. One thing that you can do is to remove the batteries from any device that uses them. If you really need to store a lot of electronic equipment, consider a climate controlled storage or take extra care in protecting it.

Radioactive Equipment

I am sure that most of us do not even know what is radioactive and what is not. Nonetheless, it is illegal to keep such materials in storage. Even if You are working at a place where you have some samples that need storing, refrain yourself from storing radioactive ones in storage units.

Hazardous Materials

The name says it all. Hazard. If you want to store anything that might be flammable, explosive or even toxic, try to avoid storing it in a storage unit. Hazardous materials are the prime example of what not to put in your storage unit. You might be in for a surprise to find items that we are using every day on this list. Most frequent are motor oil, car batteries, and paint. We store these items every day in our storage units but we really should not. Or, at the very least, we should take precautions against any damages that might occur. Proper ventilation is the key in the case of paint and other toxic items, for example. You can always learn more about hazardous materials if you so wish.

Perishable Items

Any item that has a limited lifespan should never go into storage units. You see, we humans are forgetful creatures by nature. Far from eyes, far from mind, as the saying goes. Any perishable can mold or rot, further inconveniencing you. Food items, in particular, can lead various insects or rodents to your storage and they can also infect other nearby units as well!


It might sound simple, but make sure to value and cherish life. Anything living should never be in a storage unit. Life does not belong in places without sunshine and fresh air. You might even consider storing away some plants, for the time being. Please do not do that. Bottom line is: when considering what not to put in your storage unit, life is number one.

Busted Vehicles

Most of us store our cars or bikes in storage units. That is perfectly fine, as long as the vehicle meets all the requirements. The requirements for storing a vehicle is that it has to be insured, registered and above all in working condition. Busted vehicles cannot be stored in storage units, period.

High-Density Odors

Any item that has a really strong odor can attract vermin to your storage unit. If you really have to put them in the unit, at least make sure that they are in containers which are airtight. There is almost nothing worse than opening your storage unit and finding it full of vermin. Keep those enticing odors well away from prospective noses.


Almost goes without saying, but you should never keep money in your storage unit. While it may not really be that high on the what not to put in your storage unit list, you should not store money that way. That being said, there is nothing that really prevents you from storing cash, gold bars, diamonds, etc. It is just not secure and you are running a risk if you do it that way.

Guns and ammo

For these items, you should check your lease to ensure that storage owners allow you to store them. Even if you have permission, you should not. Think of the possible implications, I am sure you can imagine a few. Your guns should either be with you at all times, where applicable or safely stored at specialized institutions such as shooting ranges or gun shops.

Specialized Construction Equipment

Most of the construction equipment you can safely store but there are some exceptions. These exceptions tend to vary between storages so always check your lease to see what you can and cannot store. There is one particular type of an item that is always prohibited, though. If you plan to do any type of underground drilling or to track water with your equipment, then it is a no go. We offer a vast range of storage services AZ and are sure to accommodate all demands.


Obviously, when you consider what not to put in your storage unit the first in mind is anything illegal. You should not really be owning anything illegal in the first place! However, there are items that some countries consider legal, while some do not. You should not store even these items. And, for the sake of being complete, do not keep any stolen goods in your storage units. You do not have any stolen goods so it is a moot point. Right?


There you have it, I’ve covered most of what you should absolutely keep out of your storage units. Some of these items are more obvious than others and some are more obscure. I hope that, when you finish reading this article, you will have a stronger grasp on exactly what should and should not be put in a storage unit. If you are interested in how much would actual storage space cost, you can always take a look at our pricing plans.