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Safe options for moving your jewelry

Research that bears quite a bit of merit has proven that moving is the third most stressful life event one could face. Just to shed more light on the matter, the first two are death and divorce. Moving is no joke, and if you add to it elements such as moving your jewelry, it becomes much less of a joke.

But, it isn’t the end of the world. Furthermore, it is somewhat unavoidable. So, you can spend time beating yourself about it or you can face the music, make peace with the fact that it is happening and start working towards a solution. Fortunately, today you have trained movers Green Valley AZ who are more than well equipped to help out with any and all issues you might be facing. Rely on these professionals. Listen to their advice. They know so much, and they will be able to help you drastically.

Moving your jewelry

One of the largest causes of stress when moving is the moment when you reach your final destination but are unable to locate more than half of the stuff from the getgo. You unload the truck, and when you do… Well, it’s just a mountain of boxes. Total anarchy and chaos.

In order to spite these unfortunate circumstances, we have collected the knowledge of several professionals. This was then turned into an article you are currently reading, helping you deal with this stress. Still, this is going to focus specifically on moving your jewelry. This is a pesky business with tons of chances to make a mistake. And this mistakes can prove to be… Costly, to say the least. Hence, be careful. Carefully read this. And lastly, understand just how important it is to pay very close attention to the smallest of things. The tiniest items are the ones lost first. Which becomes a serious problem when they are as expensive as jewelry.

How to go about moving your jewelry

There are several tips and tricks for you to follow that will almost definitely avoid anything being lost. These tips and tricks are most definitely no magic. Quite the opposite, really. They are common sense things that you shouldn’t need a guide for. Still, many people panic when they are about to move and forget even the most trivial of things. And who could blame them? Remember, it is the third most stressful event of a lifetime.

So, don’t be too hard on yourself if you forget some things. If you weren’t under that much stress, you probably would have remembered everything. Still, in case you haven’t, here we go!

Make sure you do everything you can yourself

This is very important. Basically, the saying ‘if you want something done right, do it yourself’. This is partially true. This, however, does not apply to the entire moving process. We still strongly advise that you rely on professional assistance. It makes a world of difference. A world of difference you will really need. Trust me.

Moving your most precious possessions is a task best done personally. Think about how you brought your jewelry home when you bought it, now just take it elsewhere.

Still, when it comes to jewelry and personal belongings of similar size, you will want to do it yourself. None of the movers you hire will give it as much attention as you will. And even if they do, you will most likely not know where they have placed it when you arrive into your new home. The logic they will use might not be the logic you would have used. And if everything wasn’t labeled right, you might be in for a doozy.

Also, a third option would be to simply wear all the most valuable jewelry when moving your jewelry. There is no safer place than around your neck, is what we strongly believe.

Perhaps you should resort to armored courier service

There are certain companies such as Brinks that are there to be a very safe third-party choice when moving your jewelry and other types of great value.

This is why you should always consider this as an option. Sure, it may sound a bit excessive, but in the long run, it is ‘safety first’ that counts. Or ‘better safe than sorry‘. Plus, you don’t have to bother yourself with the items that are being moved. You can simply have them delivered to your final destination of choice. Another option is to get professional help for cross country moveEither way, professionals will get your valuables delivered to your doorstep.

Use registered mail

This, even though it sounds a bit clunky, may do the trick. Simply shipping your jewelry to yourself may be the solution to all the issues. You would simply use USPS registered mail, and send it to the new address of your new home. The most important things would be to:

  • Make a demand of a return receipt for your parcel
  • Limit the value of each parcel to no more than $25,000
  • Make sure to purchase package insurance
  • Make sure you plan out an excellent timing for your delivery in order to avoid your mail sitting unattended

Finally, send the items to a jeweler

If you are uncertain about mailing the items to yourself, and if you are afraid of someone snatching them, the safest option would be to send the items to a trusted local jeweler. This person of trust can hold onto your items for as long as you don’t show up to claim them and carry on with your life.

Using a jeweler to keep your things is another way to go

At the end of the day, these tips and tricks aren’t the only options you have, but they are certainly the safest ones. Be creative, but be careful and don’t wander off with your creativity too much, because you might end up losing something ever so precious and valuable.

Finally, your jewelry might not be the only valuables you are moving. Consider other things that have extraordinary value and how to handle them during the move.

Good luck!