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Reasons why you should move to Glendale AZ

After a short or long period of time, people decide to move, find a better place to live with their family. Moving to another city, state, the country, depends on a lot of factors. Is it because you have to change your job, because of the low cost of living, a climate or any other reason. The first step is to check all the possibilities and find the best place for you to live fist. So, is it the Glendale AZ your best choice? Let’s try and find out together is moving to Glendale AZ best decision for you.  If you do decide to move there, Moving Buddies will help you plan out and execute your move!

For a start, let us give you some of the basic information about the Glendale AZ. Glendale is a city in Maricopa County. The city itself is located only nine miles from Phoenix. Just 20 minutes drive is not bad for those who work in Phoenix. If you like sunny and also hot days this is a place for you. Here we can expect around 9 inches of rain per year, no snow at all and on average 290 sunny days.

Before moving to Glendale AZ

Before your decision is final you should consider every option so your process of moving would be easiest as much as it is possible. One of the important things is to hire a good moving company. They will help you pack and move your stuff to other location and take care of your belongings. So, it is really important to check and find the right people to take care of your valuable stuff.

Climate and weather in Glendale AZ

Like we already mentioned, if you like and enjoy having plenty of sunny days, this is a place for you. Just a little bit of rain and no snow can be a good thing for people who enjoy hot and sunny days. Also, you would love your kids to spend time outside and be active and they can do that here. Also, sunny and nice days can help people who got allergies, arthritis or any other problem that humidity can trigger. This is one of the good reasons why you should consider moving to Glendale AZ. If you need more information about moving to Arizona itself, you can check out one of our guides.

Days in Arizona are hot and sunny but there are occasional clouds and rain, though they are rare.

Places You can visit in Glendale AZ

Let’s go through places you should visit, have fun and enjoy in Glendale. The biggest benefit is that your city is only nine miles away from Phoenix which is great work wise as well as shopping etc. Places you should know about are:

  •  White Tank Mountain Regional Park
  •  Glendale Xeriscape Botanical Garden
  •  Thunderbird Park
  •  Historic Sahuaro Ranch

White Tank Mountain Regional Park

This beautiful park will make you and your kids really happy. It is a place where you can do a lot of activities with your family. The park isn’t located directly in Glendale, it is just a few miles away, west from the city. Whitefall trail is lovely and it leads to Petroglyph Plaza, your kids will love it. Other than that, there are 21 miles of trails for you if you love hiking and biking activities.

Glendale Xeriscape Botanical Garden

This botanical garden is a beautiful place if you’d like to walk or to see all those different desert nature beauties. Over one thousand different plants can help you, too, if you are considering arranging your garden. You should think of moving to Glendale AZ if you love gardening too.  The garden remains on a place of 4 acres and has a lot of walking paths. You can go there any time and every day and you won’t be charged because it is free to come here whenever you feel like.

Glendale is almost a Mecca for gardeners and planters. People here can be really passionate about the topic.

Thunderbird Park

Only mountain preserve in this city. Going with your family on a picnic there is a great idea. You can enjoy a lot of activities too, from jogging and biking because of a lot of trails to horse riding which your kids will love. Since this place is really big and it takes around one thousand acres, we are pretty sure you will find a good picnic spot for you when moving to Glendale AZ.

Historic Sahuaro Ranch

Sahuaro Ranch is a great place with many events you should know about. Most popular ones are Antique Tractor and Engine Show that you can visit every year in February. Built in 1885 on a 17 acres property, has 17 buildings and also a beautiful rose garden that people can visit. It is located north of the Glendale and it is listed in National Register of Historic Places.

Some other places you should visit are Cabela’s, Tolmachoff Farms, Manistee Ranch, Glendale Police Museum and many more.

Downtown District

That thriving downtown district that’s filled with cafes, different types of stores, galleries and also a lot of charming shops. You will for sure enjoy there if you like to walk, shop and have fun with your friends. There you can find a lot of restaurants where you can enjoy your meal and coffee in a shopping or walking breaks. The downtown district is especially alive when some of many events are available. There, moving to Glendale AZ should also be a good choice if you enjoy shopping, walking and enjoying good food.

Glendale Chocolate Affaire

Who doesn’t like chocolate? This is the place where you can taste and enjoy chocolate. Every year in February there’s a lovely event that’s held at Murphy Park in Downtown Historic Glendale. Another sweet place you should visit is the Cerreta Candy Company. This is a family owned hometown factory where you can get 30 minutes tours and learn about caramel paradise. Tours are available every day from Monday to Friday.

Glendale loves caramel. Cerreta Candy Company will be happy to show you everything you want to know about it!


Something for everyone! If you like sports you can enjoy that too. The University Of Phoenix Stadium is located west from Phoenix in Glendale and it’s home place of Arizona Cardinals. Also, we should mention the Gila River Arena. This place is very well known by Arizona Coyotes, professional NHL hockey team. Other than that, in this arena, you can attend many concerts and shows during the year.

If all of that is appealing to you, you will want the best moving services Arizona can offer!