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Questions to ask a moving company

The time for moving is upon you. Fear it, run from it, it will come all the same. No pun intended. All joke aside, people usually dread the moving day. Simply because, no matter how much you prepare for it, you will never really be ready. And this is ok. The sooner you accept this fact that easier it will be for you to deal with this. The good thing here is that you have professional assistance guarding your back. They are here to answer all the questions you might have, assist in any type of organization and more. But just as much they are here to answer your questions, you must have a prepared list. A list of questions to ask a moving company. Because if you are not going to ask the right questions, they are not going to be able to help you.

These questions can be sorted into two major categories:

  1. Questions to ask a moving company when you are deciding which one to hire
  2. Inquiries to make when trying to figure out all the things you must do on your side in order for the move to go smoothly.

Throughout this article, we will touch base with both of these topics. However, we will focus more on the questions to ask a moving company when trying to decide whether or not to hire it as we believe these are more in the gray zone than any other. Questions falling under category number two are way too difficult to generalize as each move will be specific in its own way.

Questions to ask a moving company – deciding upon who to hire

There are countless questions you can ask a moving company when trying to figure out which company to hire. This is all in the best possible scenario, and that is that you had enough time to plan the move ahead. This means giving yourself a couple of months before the move to figure out all the details. All of this does not apply when you have a week to organize the entire move. At that point, you will simply have to get whatever you can. It’s because most of the good moving companies will rarely have openings on such short notice. Also, it can be hard to find decent cheap storage in Tucson on short notice. But it’s possible!

Still, on in the scenario where you had enough time to prepare, you will most likely have an abundance of moving companies to choose from. Now, in order to narrow this selection down to just a few, there is a very specific set of questions you can ask. Please do consider that if any of these questions are answered negatively. You should probably steer clear away from such a company, for reasons we will mention in the second part of the article.

Are you registered?

This is a very simple question and one with which you should open the conversation. If the answer to this question is no, you should probably end the conversation right there. To put it simply, given the growth of this industry, the participants are on the rise. And incredible rise. You have more moving companies now than you ever did. With this increase in the number of legitimate companies, came the rise of scammers.

These scammers will, in most cases, not have a registered company. Or a company at all to begin with. The most common place to find such scoundrels is the Craigslist or similar places. They would usually offer far cheaper services than most moving companies, and would, in turn, become much more appealing. What you don’t know, however, is the fact that they are usually frauds who will turn you into their victim one way or another.

The safest way to avoid all this is to open the conversation with the question – does your company have a license? If not, thank them for their time and scratch them off the list.

Do you offer insurance?

If no, you should usually avoid them. Still, for some of your insurance is of no matter, in which case – feel free to proceed. Our warm advice is to avoid performing any move without insurance, for it may cost you dearly in the long run. However, there are other articles that explain the importance of owning an insurance. So, we will leave the topic for another day.

Insurance is there to protect you, and you should have the option to purchase it. Without it, you could be in trouble more than you would like to.

Could you provide me with an estimate?

This could be the make it or break it moment for your choice. You are going to hope that all companies will be able to provide you with an estimate. At the end of the day, they might all be offering the same level of service, which leaves their price as the only real variable based on which you can make your decision.

If they are capable of making an estimate, you will have tangible variables to compare and ultimately reach a decision. Check the cost of Tucson movers and you will have your first estimate.

Questions to ask a moving company – what should you do?

These questions are very difficult to generalize. However, there are some questions that are common for all. For instance, how far in advance should you pack, what is the limit of the boxes you can do in one go, what time should you be ready, what should you do with your pets, etc. Again, this is difficult to generalize for each move is very unique in its own way. From people having to move 100 square meters of plants, to others owning 11 birds. Each move will be a special story in itself, and thus these questions will vary greatly.

We hope this insight into the questions to ask a moving company was of some help! Best of luck!