Total Protection

If You Find Another Moving Company That is Cheaper Than Us…

It’s because they are not a real company. Believe it or not, more than half of the companies you can find on the internet or elsewhere are not registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Beware of these companies. You can hold them liable like you can hold your friends liable for helping you. We save our customers money by managing the company ourselves, not by cutting corners and putting customers at risk. Call us and we will answer all of your questions, even the ones you didn’t know to ask.

General Liability

Protects buildings, structures, and equipment

Worker’s Insurance

Covers medical bills and loss of wages due to workplace injury

Vehicular Insurance

Covers damages and injuries caused by moving trucks

Cargo Insurance

Covers damages to shipments carried by moving trucks

Moving Buddies carries comprehensive policies for all these types of insurance.

The mandatory minimum coverage rate enforced by the FMCSA is 60 cents/lb. per item.

  • This means that a moving company can choose the level of coverage they afford their shippers (you), as long as it is at or above this minimum rate.

  • Virtually all moving companies offer this coverage at the complimentary level. (They also offer increased coverage options that are available for purchase).

  • This coverage rate makes the average Flat Screen TV worth about $24.

Moving Buddies offers a Repair or Replacement Guarantee, at no extra cost, with every move. Some restrictions apply. See below for details.


A full coverage valuation limit of up to $25,000 per truck, and up to $50,000 per shipment or job is implied. There is no up front cost for this coverage. However, a mandatory deductible is required. See the Mandatory Deductible Section for rates. All Insurance Claims will be forwarded to our cargo insurance carrier Atlantic Specialty Insurance Company. Additional coverage rates are available upon request, and quotes will be given on a case by case basis. Refusal to pay deductible automatically disqualifies shipper (you) for full coverage insurance benefits, and will default your shipment to the Federally Mandated Minimum Valuation of 60 cents/lb. per article.

All claims require a mandatory deductible of $1,000 unless otherwise stated in your contract. A Pledge To Pay Partial Deductible can be purchased from Moving Buddies at the following rates: $100 = $400 Pledge; $200 = $800 Pledge. All deductibles will be paid to Moving Buddies Cargo Insurance Carrier Atlantic Specialty Insurance Company. All Pledge To Pay Partial Deductible Payments will be paid to Moving Buddies prior to initiation of services

We reserve the right to repair any item(s) that are deemed to be repair-worthy.

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