Protect a vacant home before moving out

You need to move out, and you’re leaving a vacant home behind. As you leave, you’re suddenly in the grip of some pretty gloomy thoughts. What will happen to the home that you haven’t sold yet while you aren’t present? Turns out, even vacant homes need some protection. Perhaps you haven’t managed to sell it yet, or there could be another contacting your Sierra Vista movers and moving out.

Install motion cameras to protect a vacant home before moving out

There are many things that can happen to a vacant home while you’re not there. It could be an earthquake, a tsunami or some other act of a higher power. However, the most common risks are those of theft, burglary or some other human misdeeds. So, in order to protect a vacant home before moving out, you should consider installing motion cameras. You should set them up so that they cover all the main entrance points into the house. To properly protect a vacant home, of course, you need more than just security cameras. However, cameras do have their strong points:

  • While they do not directly protect a vacant home, they serve as a strong deterrent to burglars;
  • This is because burglars will be much easier to identify and subsequently arrest once they are on tape. Many high-tech cameras have systems which will make it easy to recognize faces and reveal identities of the suspects;
  • The people you’re selling the house to will appreciate the effort that you’ve placed in making their new home safe.
A neighborhood, such as this affluent middle class neighborhood, is more at risk of burglary.

You could be at greater risk of burglary, depending on your neighborhood.

However, don’t just put those cameras anywhere

Some places are more important to monitor than others. For example, you should definitely place the cameras so that they cover the front and back doors, the entrance to the basement, and the windows. These are, obviously, the critical points. If you put the camera on a chimney, you will cover a larger area, that’s for sure, but you will also have a lot of blind spots. And Santa Claus comes to raid homes only once per year.

You should also consider installing an alarm

This is the second form of deterrence that is cheap and easy to install. Once again, the point is to discourage potential burglars from even attempting to break in. It is also one of the cheapest solutions out there. The average plan doesn’t cost more than $40 bucks a month. Now, the alarm system itself is directly connected to the local police department. This means that once it goes off, you can expect a rapid response straight from the police station.

CCTV cameras are one of the best ways to protect a vacant home.

CCTV cameras are one of the best ways to protect a vacant home.

A simple way to protect a vacant home is to check all the locks and windows

As we mentioned before, the doors and windows are pretty much the only places where the burglar can enter the vacant home. Many people have lots of things to do during a move, so they easily overlook the simple step of checking whether all the doors and windows are properly protected. The result is massive property damage. So, if you want to truly protect a vacant home from burglars, take half an hour off the day before you move, and double-check every possible point of entry. This is a simple and effective security measure that is, when you think of it, more than necessary.

Replace the locks and give an extra key to a person of trust

You will not be there, but there is someone who can be there for you. Often, the most effective solutions for protecting a vacant home are the cheapest once. Usually, they involve some communication between two or more people. Information is key. So, when you’re done replacing the locks, take the extra keys and leave them with a friend or a neighbor that you can trust. This is one of the best ways to protect a vacant home. You’re asking for a small favor that doesn’t do any harm, and you can be sure that the watchful eyes of your friend or neighbor will constantly check up on your house.

This bungalow seems recently abandoned and is a prime target for burglars.

Try to make your house seem less vacant in order to protect a vacant home.

Leave some stuff inside

This is so the potential burglar doesn’t think the home is vacant. In the animal kingdom, predators attack only when they judge that the prey is defenseless. This way, the predator will not experience any harm and risk. The case here is eerily similar. The potential burglar is the predator. Well, it’s time to show some teeth. To show that your vacant home cannot be easily robbed, try to portray it as still inhabited.

Leave the lights on and pull the drapes over the windows. Leave a car in the yard, or tell your friend that he’s free to park his. This way, you’re warning the “predator” that, in case of robbery, he won’t be able to get away easily!

Finally, you should buy home insurance

The US is a free market environment. This means that if you need something, there’s always somebody offering his or her services. Even if you need a very specific sort of insurance – such as the one to protect a vacant home – there’s somebody doing it. This is the last resort. You should only do this if you’ve done all the other steps and still don’t feel comfortable about leaving the home empty. If you need a little bit more peace of mind, than purchasing home insurance is the right solution for you.

It doesn’t cost much, but it does add more strain to your budget, alongside other things (such as moving quotes Tucson AZ). All vacant home insurance plans cover break-ins and burglaries, however, some of them also offer insurance against acts of nature – thunderstorms, earthquakes, tsunamis, and the like.

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