Pros and cons of living in Green Valley, AZ

Whether you’re just moving to Green Valley or you’ve already moved here, you could use some information about your new home. If you’re worried about how you’ll move to this Arizona town, don’t be. You can find some movers Green Valley AZ that can help you relocate. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving from New York or Tucson, a new city is a new city either way. You can always learn something new and useful to be prepared for life in a new place. Just like any other city, there are both pros and cons of living in Green Valley. Here are the ups and downs of the Green Valley life.

Pros and cons of living in Green Valley: retirement community

Depending on your age, you might consider this a pro or a con. Green Valley is known for being the number one place for retirees. The majority of the population is made up of retired people, 77% to be precise. If you’re a young person who is looking for fun nights out and a dynamic lifestyle, this might not be the place for you. Older people who like to have their peace and quiet seem to really enjoy life in Green Valley. This city is one of the biggest retirement communities in the whole world.

Old couple on a bench

Retired people love living in Green Valley as it caters to them. If you’re younger, you might not be as big of a fan.

The fact that there are many retirees here who like a calmer style of life, might be good for new and young families. But, if you’re still in the phase of partying, you might want to skip Green Valley. Considering that the population is mainly older, it is a little bit strange that the nearest hospital is in Tucson and it’s about twenty-four miles away.

Green Valley Recreation

If you choose to move to Green Valley, you should know about the available activities. Green Valley Recreation is an organization that provides leisure and social activities for Green Valley’s retirement community. There are many services and activities that are provided by Green Valley Recreation. Most of the properties in the town of Green Valley belong to Green Valley Recreation. Members of this organization can enjoy access to thirteen different recreational centers, many clubs and activities all year long. Among other facilities, Green Valley Recreation offers:

  • golf courses
  • swimming pools
  • fitness centers.

This organization also caters to older people by organizing Annual Senior Games.

A small and friendly environment

Besides the fact that there are a lot of old people here, everyone says that Green Valley is incredibly friendly. Everyone knows each other, there are only about twenty thousand people, and this gives you a feeling of intimacy. If you come from a small place and you like that type of community where everyone knows you and it’s sort of like a big suburban area, you’ll adapt well to a Green Valley life. And if you live in the nearby city of Tucson, that’s bigger than this town, you might enjoy the change. So, you can research some movers and packers Tucson AZ and start planning your move.

Two couples taking a walk. You'll know everyone and everyone will know you when you're living in Green Valley.

As Green Valley is a pretty small town, it’s got a good sense of community and everyone knows each other. You’ll probably be friends with your neighbors.

However, if this sort of environment doesn’t float your boat and you prefer to live in a more vibrant, dynamic and active place, then Green Valley probably isn’t the place for you. But again, this friendliness is good for family life so you might want to consider this small town if you’re starting a family.

The weather in Green Valley

Some people prefer the cold, while some prefer heat. If you’re a person who enjoys the feeling of the sun on their skin, you’ll like the weather in Green Valley. As it is a town located in the Arizona desert, you can definitely expect summers to be pretty hot and dry. Summer days are very warm, but the nights get a bit cooler. You can use this weather to your advantage and go swimming or do other outdoor activities like playing golf. The winters are pretty mild, too.

The Arizona desert

If you’re preparing for life in Green Valley, get ready for the heat.

You don’t have to worry about freezing cold mornings when you can’t get out of bed. Another good thing is that the air quality is good. Basically, if you make Green Valley your home, you’ll be able to enjoy its pleasant climate. However, if you prefer chillier weather and you aren’t a fan of heat, you might want to move elsewhere. And if you’re coming from a colder climate, you might need time to learn how to survive the Arizona heat.

Crime rate

When you hear that this is a town of retirees and that it’s such a small place, you expect it to be pretty safe as well. Well, unfortunately, that is not really the case. If you want to live in Green Valley, you should know that its crime rate is pretty high. The crime rate is higher than expected because of drugs and illegal strangers that have found their way here. You can make sure you and your family are safe by picking to live in one of the gated and age-restricted communities in this area. The people who live in gated neighborhoods don’t see this as a problem, though.

Moving to Green Valley

You should prepare for moving to Arizona by doing some research and making sure you’re ready for a change.  And if you are thinking of moving to Green Valley, you should weigh the pros and cons of Green Valley living. This town isn’t for everyone, but it might be the perfect solution for you if you are looking to move to a smaller town. In case you enjoy living life at a slower pace and you don’t crave an active nightlife, you’ll probably like it here. Among all the friendly neighbors, you’ll probably find making new friends pretty easy as well. So, if you think this community is right for you and you see these things as pros, you will enjoy living in Green Valley.

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