June 30 2020 0Comment

Prepare For Your Move

Our Elite Tucson Movers are the model of efficiency. Here are a few tips to help them gain their stride:

  • Clean and dust before your Elite Tucson Movers arrive. We move at a steady pace and as a result we breath faster. Breathing dust and pet dander can significantly effect the pace of your move. Our number one goal is Safety–for everyone involved.
  • Organize and remove clutter. In most cases you can leave your clothes and drawers in place. Remove all jewelry, smaller items, and items you would not like to fall into the framework of the dresser or drawer. The less our Elite Tucson Movers have to do to prep an item for transport the less time it will take to move it. Packing the contents of your home that exist on surfaces like table tops, dressers, and entertainment centers will greatly reduce your bill.
  • Reduce the body count. Our crews move at such a pace that you may want to give them room. Our Elite Tucson Movers will adjust their pace according to their ability to SAFELY execute their job. Kids and pets are unpredictable, but we also understand that sometimes they must be a factor. Your crew will advise you of their safety concerns, and with the utmost professionalism, adapt to situation.
  • Schedule other contractors outside of our schedule. Our task will virtually consume the entire premises. They, as well, need space to work.