Packing for college – tips & tricks

Do you like to let someone else pack your things? I don’t know about you, but I really love to pack myself. Ever since I was a little kid, I was traveling the world alone. So naturally, I had to learn how to pack on my own. I forbid my parents from touching my stuff or telling me how to pack as I did it best myself. By the time I was done with high school, I was well prepared to get packing for college. Be it deciding on what to bring with me or how to pack it I was an expert. And I was doing it all on my own, so I enjoyed it even more. But if you are unlike me, and packing for college causes you a headache, then I can help you.

Knowing what to bring and how not to forget it


The first thing you need to do before you start packing, you need to make a checklist. If it is too bothersome for you, there are packing services AZ at your disposal. However, we feel talking about a DIY type of packing. So, you can do it with pen and paper, or you can use a smartphone or a tablet, anything will do. It doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you write everything down. A good checklist helps me to get an overview of all the things that I need to pack. If I see something that on that checklist that I need but I don’t have it, then I’ll need to pay a visit to a shop.

a checklist

Don’t start anything without a checklist.

After I’m packed, I’ll take another look at the checklist to see if I packed everything. I’ll save the checklist and bring it with me so, when I’m packing to go back I’ll have a list to make sure I’m not missing anything.

Some things you are always going to need, no matter where you are going and it’s always good to keep them handy. All those necessary things you’ll need for traveling and for the college, so its best to have one place to keep them all together. I pack a decent sized backpack with things like a medicine bag, personal hygiene products, wet wipes, a towel, a pocket knife, some spare clothes, and a book for fun. Thankfully my trusty backpack has a pocket where I deposit the rest of my most important belongings like keys, wallet, sunglasses, phone, and IDs. Now, when I’m ready to leave all the things that I need with me are in the backpack and it’s with me.

medicine bag

Medicine bag is imperative, wherever you go.

Clothes and shoes for the occasion

When you’re packing for college, you should know your stay isn’t going to last forever. You don’t need to bring all your clothes just because you don’t know if you might need them. It’s better that you examine how the weather is in the school area during your stay. If you see that you don’t have clothes and shoes for the appropriate climate you need to get them. It’s easier packing for warmer weather as the clothes are thinner and you don’t need as many shoes. But be aware that you shouldn’t bring to many summer clothes either. With fewer clothes it easier to wash them regularly to keep them fresh and clean.

Choosing the right package

When packing for college you can pack in duffel bags or in a suitcase whichever you like more. They each have their own advantages. I like duffel bags more because of their shape and capacity, so I can fit enough clothes and shoes to have packed in one bag. In case you go with a suitcase you should know that your clothes stay better kept then in a duffel bag. I pack my shoes in plastic bags and put them in my duffle bag. That way they take much less space. When I need to take a suitcase, then I pack shoes in their boxes and put them into a plastic bag for carrying. All the learning materials will need to have one place you can put them so you don’t lose them. For that, you can use any kind of box you can easily fit it in.

packing for college

There are numerous types of cases you will want to consider.

Packing for college – going to school

College is the place you go to learn, but so more than just that and it’s easy to get sidetracked. For me, it usually means to be better organized.

One thing you need to sort out to learn easier is to make sure you get good sleep. Get a good pillow and clean beddings. If you can afford, get quality ones as they will last you and serve you a long time.

Getting up on time can be an issue, so best you have a separate alarm clock. Many use their phone as an alarm clock, but in my experience the failed me when the battery died. Speaking of electricity, you should bring at least one extension cord with multiple sockets. That way no matter how many outlets in your room you can attach all your devices. A dedicated study area helps you focus while you learn, and it should have a lamp for reading. You should also keep your materials in this area, so a drawer or a file cabinet can help to sort out the material.

Regardless of whether this is a long distance move for you, or not, you can rely on us for support!

Moving to college

There are a few choices that you can take when deciding to move your things to your school. In the end, depending on what you decided to bring with you to college will mean what type of transport you will use. In the least, you should have a backpack, a duffel bag, and couple more boxes that you carry with you. That should easily fit in almost any car. If you ever need to move all of your things, again a car will do. In case you decided to bring some furniture with you, or you need to bring a lot of clothes but no one has a car that can fit then you can use professionals. For example, you can use a company like Tucson Elite Movers that can help you move your possessions. They’re moving buddies that will move things for you safely and quickly.

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