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Moving to Scottsdale with a family

Every now and then we decide to change our environment. Because of the work, a better climate for you, a place you were dreaming of and thinking to settle down with your family etc. If you are considering Scottsdale AZ as a good place but you still do want to know more, we will try to help. People always want to know what they should expect, step by step. Important thing is to gather all the information you will need. You should know about the moving process and all the benefits you can expect, for you and your family. Now, let us walk you through if you think that moving to Scottsdale AZ is the best decision for you. Of course, it is always better to get to know more before moving to Arizona.

Prepare for moving to Scottsdale AZ

The first thing we should think about is what is the best and safest way to move. Even though the moving process can be stressful, knowing that you will settle somewhere you’ve dreamt about can make everything easier. At the start, you should think about how do you want to move your stuff. You can do that yourself or hire some of the great moving companies you can always find. Doing everything yourself can take a lot of time so hiring a company is maybe your better choice.

When you hire moving company they will take care of your stuff 100%. You can be sure that your stuff will arrive safely from point A to point B. Everything starts with proper packing, taking care all the way while your stuff is in transport to safe unpacking in your new home. Also, if you are planning to go on a vacation in the meanwhile, moving company can store your stuff and keep them safe again. All you have to do is, to check which moving company you would like to work with the most! If you hire moving Buddies AZ, you can rest assured that your move will be flawless as we are the authority in the area.

Before moving to Scottsdale AZ, make sure that everything is ready for the adventure!

Why should you move to Scottsdale?

Scottsdale is one of the desert cities of Arizona. Has around 250 thousand citizens and it is really family-friendly. Even though it has a reputation of retirees, Scottsdale has a lot of young growing families. The city school in Scottsdale is constantly ranked among the top ones in the state so you won’t have to worry about your children education. Also, high schools and university are ranked really high and are the top ones in the country.

If you want to take your family for a nice lunch or dinner, you can enjoy for real. Scottsdale has 790 restaurants in the city. Cafe Monarch, Talavera and Eddie V’s Prime Seafood have outstanding reputations. If you are in shopping and you need a break, you can visit Afternoon Tea and taste their British-style high tea.

North And South Scottsdale

Like we said, here you can find a place for everyone. North part of Scottsdale gives people easy access to the beautiful desert landscape of Arizona. Also, the wilderness of the beautiful Granite Mountain is nearby. North part of the Scottsdale is famous for the golf clubs too. So as you can see, the north part is peaceful and good for those who like nature.

South Scottdale is more urban part of the city. Attracts the younger population because of the nightlife and a lot of shopping centers. The most popular places of the South Scottsdale are Fashion Square, The Waterfront, Southbridge and Old Town. Moving to Scottsdale AZ is fashionable indeed!

One of the best desert valley views you can have at The Pinnacle Peak mountain and surrounding areas. Pinnacle Peak is actually one of the best neighborhoods for school and it is really family-friendly. And as you can see, moving to Scottdale AZ might be the best decision for you.

The climate in Scottsdale

Scottsdale climate is really arid. If you like hot and dry weather, this is the place for you. Winters are never too cold and during the summer temperature can go over 100 degrees. However, lack of humidity is not really a bad thing. People with allergies, arthritis of some kind of lung problems can only benefit from this arid climate.

Dry climate is a blessing for some people. It sure is beautiful!

Scottsdale Galleries and Museums

Scottsdale has over 80 galleries around the town. A lot of them you will find in historic art District, located on Marshall way and Main Street. The best time to visit that place is during the Thursday ArtWork. Thursday ArtWork is the event that lasts from 7-9pm. In order to see everything, the best option is not to use the car, just to walk around and see those beautiful galleries. The gallery that features the art and foundation of Paolo Soleri is one of the most unique ones and it’s called Cosanti.

In Scottsdale, you can find something for everyone. If you like museums, you will for sure have a good time. There are over 150 galleries, art dealer and of course, museums. We will pick a few, like, Scottsdale Historical Museum, Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Moving to Scottsdale AZ can also be quite an educating experience.

Taliesin West, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Arizona, Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter home, and school.


Even though Scottsdale is famous and legendary for golf, there are a lot of other sports that you can see or do there too. Another huge thing there is baseball spring training for several pro teams and of course their local Scottsdale Scorpions.

All sports are great. But baseball has a special place in our hearts!

As we speak of sport, Scottsdale has a lot of different sports centers where you can pick your favorite sport or activity and train or have fun with friends and family. Tennis, baseball, sand volley, swimming or jogging and walking if you prefer. One of the popular sports facilities is Scottsdale Sports Complex.  The facility accommodates a variety of flat field sports like football, soccer, rugby.

With all that in mind, all that is left is to prepare for the move!