Moving to Phoenix – pros and cons

Thinking about moving to Phoenix, Arizona? Moving to a city with year-round sunshine and affordable housing sounds like a dream come true. However, just like any other big city, Phoenix, has its downsides as well. In order to decide whether it is the best relocation destination for your move, let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of moving to Phoenix.

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Just like any other place, Phoenix has its upsides and downsides -Make sure you assess them prior to the move

The pros of moving to Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona’s capital, has one of the largest population growth in the United States. With more than 1.6 million residents and an estimated 4.5 million Phoenix Metro population it is, also, one of the 5 most populated cities in the country. So, what makes that many people decide to call it home? Let’s take a look at the upsides of living in Phoenix:

  • Affordable housing and living costs. 
  • The weather.
  • Big city amenities and culture. 
  • The steady job market is a great reason for moving to Phoenix.

The cost of living in Phoenix

More affordable housing and lower living expenses are usually one of the main reasons why people plan a cross-country AZ relocation. Just like in any other big city, housing prices in Phoenix can vary due to a neighborhood and location.

Rent prices vary and go from $640 up to $1050. A family home can be bought for $300.000. Besides having affordable housing solutions, Phoenix is considered to have reasonable overall living costs as well. 

The Phoenix weather

If you are moving to Arizona from another state and are not a big fan of snow and cold winters, you will love living in Phoenix! The Valley of Sunshine has temperatures higher than 50 degrees in January. Therefore, moving long distance to Arizona is a great decision for all of you that love long summers and getting tanned.

What is it like to live in Phoenix?

Phoenix is a diverse city with more than 100 languages being used daily by its residents. Such a diverse culture and constantly growing population will help you feel welcome and like a local right after the move. 

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Hiking is a great way to have fun and enjoy the nature in Arizona

Phoenix is a popular vacation destination. Therefore, you can expect to find many great resorts, spas, and restaurants all around the city. There are more than 200 golf courses. There is always something to do in Phoenix! Whether it is a show, play or a concert, you will always be able to find a great venue to visit and relax. If you love being outdoors, you can hike and enjoy the nature in one of its parks or visit the mountains.

The city itself is not very walkable. However, it does have a great system of transportation. Phoenix is also easy to get around. The street grid is simple and you will never get lost.

Looking for a job in Phoenix?

Phoenix is a great place to look for a job. It is also considered to be a great place for big and small businesses. With a growing industry and population, there are many open job positions in various fields. As the city is a popular vacation destination, seasonal and tourism-related businesses are thriving in Phoenix. If you are planning to move your company to Arizona, with its growing population, you will be able to find skilled employees in Phoenix.

Make sure you research job opportunities in advance and schedule job interviews prior to your move. Therefore, you will be able to settle in quickly and take the next step in your career.

The cons of relocating to Phoenix

Choosing the perfect location for your move is not easy. Besides the fact that a city you move to needs to provide you with job opportunities and good housing solutions, its culture needs to fit your lifestyle. It might be that, even though Phoenix is a great city, it just won’t get under your skin. Here are a few reasons why you might not like Arizona’s capital as much as its local:

  • The weather.
  • The crowd and big city vibe.
  • Being far away from home and your family.

Do you like summer?

Not a big fan of high temperatures and long summers? Phoenix might not be a good place for you to move. Also, gardening is not the best hobby to choose in Arizona. You will have limited choices when planting your garden.


Gardening is a bit challenging in Arizona

Even though the desert environment is not the ideal gardening place there are many plants you can grow by learning about more about the climate conditions. Draughts are a common thing for Arizona. Overcome this problem by learning which plants to grow and how to maintain them.

Do you like living in a big city?

With such a large and constantly growing population, Phoenix can feel a bit crowded. If you don’t like the idea of living in a big and busy city, reconsider the decision of moving there. Sprawl is a commonly named con of moving to Phoenix. Getting to the other part of the city can sometimes require long commuting time.

Are sure you want to move long-distance?

Moving to a new city and having a fresh start is an exciting idea. However, moving across the country and far away from your friends and family can be overwhelming. Therefore, if you are planning a long distance move to Arizona, take some time to decide whether you want to move far away from your current home.

An important reminder when moving to Phoenix

Just like any other, you need to plan the Arizona relocation in advance. In order to avoid any moving scams and move with ease, you will need to create a moving checklist. Make sure you start planning your move a few months ahead. Look for reliable and reputable movers that can plan and execute your move safely and on time.

Moving to Phoenix stress-free will require a detailed packing checklist. Besides speeding up the packing process, the list will help you unpack and settle in your new home quickly. Therefore, make sure you evaluate the items you are relocating. Lower the moving cost by moving only the belongings you need and use. Keep in mind that the packing list is meant for your new home, not the current one. Label the boxes and protect the breakables. Ask your mover for help and additional tips and hints on packing. Reputable movers like Moving Buddies Tucson AZ will be able to help you with packing any other important step of your move. Therefore, don’t forget to find reliable assistance and movers when relocating to Arizona.

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