Safe Moving

Straight away there are a few less than apparent factors to consider when moving a safe. First and foremost is security. You’ve made a huge investment in the security of your valuables, and you don’t need a clumsy moving company trumpeting the movement of your vault. Our Tucson safe movers have a technique that is fluid, safe, and quick. Every mover in our company is trained at our warehouse with a 1,000 lb. gun safe. Yes, you read that right: we have a 1,000 lb. gun safe that we use specifically for training purposes. This is another household item that can really hurt people. We take it seriously.

Another considerable element is the preservation of your safe’s finish. We’ve encountered some beautiful vaults over the years, and learned very quickly that, like pianos, safes have expensive finishes. Some are powder coated. Some are polished. Most are immaculate. With an obsessive perfectionist at the helm of this company, the standards for flawless movement are set extremely high, especially in this category.

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