Long Distance Moving

What, exactly, is a long distance move?

The definition of a long-distance move is any move that is 150 miles or more. Some of the differences can be subtle, and others more pronounced. For example: a long-distance move is not necessarily a cross-country, or interstate move. Moving Buddies has state-wide motor carrier authority, which means we do not operate outside the state of Arizona. For any jobs that originate or terminate inside the state, we are your go-to Arizona movers.

The DOT workday, Lodging, and the Fitness of Transport Vehicles

These are the major factors to consider when planning a move with long distance movers in Arizona.

  • The DOT workday is a 14 hour window of opportunity to complete each leg of your state-wide relocation. Violating this regulation can cause serious complications. Our sophisticated load planning software helps calculate load times, trip times, coordinates lodging, and provides real time tracking of shipments. 
  • The fitness of our moving trucks is never a factor. We only carry late model, fleet maintained moving trucks, with guaranteed functional AC units for happy movers upon arrival.

Aside from these factors, it really just boils down to having reliable long distance movers on your job. Knowing that you can send guys hundreds of miles away from supervision is a luxury that some companies can’t take for granted. Moving Buddies boasts a flawless record in this department. And if you are moving cross-country or outside of state lines, call us anyway. We might have some keen insight on your situation. Our CEO is an accomplished over-the-road driver, and completely understands the transportation industry like no other. We can turn you on to money saving solutions that specified services like van lines and nationwide chain movers simply won’t mention. At the end of the day, it pays to give us a call.

  • Ask us about container service, the safe and economical alternative
  • We also provide load-only, and offload-only services.
  • We will provide you with the most logical and ethical solution, whether you hire us or not

Here’s a case-in-point of that last bullet point:

Sometimes economy is not the name of the game. Preserving the value, and maintaining a chain of liability are the priorities a shipper might have. If items in your shipment are of abnormally high value, it can definitely be worth it to spring the extra buck for direct service.

Direct Service

This is the most expensive option, but affords a few distinct advantages

  • Chain of liability. One entity controls your shipment from start to finish, usually in the same transport vehicle. There is no release of liability.
  • The only constraint is the amount of time it takes to drive the shipment to its destination. Other shipping options require complicated logistics such as transfer of shipment between way points, typical of van-line logistics.
  • Safety of shipment. Again, the transfer of shipments between way points creates unnecessary risk-in-handling.

The point here is this: if your best option for any out of state or cross country move is direct service, we are simply out of the running. But, we will be the first to tell you that we are not your best option. At Moving Buddies, we sleep well at night.

There is always more than one way to skin a cat

Horrible saying, but it conveys the point quickly. Whenever you are presented with what you think is your only option, please know that it isn’t. We will provide you with all of your options and let you decide with informed confidence.

Not sure which solution fits your moving needs?