Local Moving

Local moving in Arizona presents a broad variety of challenges. Most notable of which is the heat, and here in Tucson, movers have a couple of compounding factors to deal with. The Old Pueblo is a mixture of sprawling expanses and ubiquitous topography. This can be a deadly combination for anybody that is stuck outside working all day. At Moving Buddies, we take this very seriously, and go to great lengths to make sure our local movers have every advantage to beat the heat.

State of The Art trucks outfitted with hydraulic lifts for starters (guess our competitors haven’t even started yet). Advanced quoting and scheduling technology prevents us from overburdening our local Tucson movers. And the easiest way to get the boss upset around here is to let him catch you on a job site without a full supply of water!

Local moving is our specialty. We are currently an Intrastate moving company, which means we only service the State of Arizona. With over 5,000 local moves completed, we’re  not your rookie team, and we know the place well. Our booking agents, estimators, managers, and movers are familiar with all the different communities, and more importantly, all of the absurdly numerous and massive pot holes that riddle the streets of Tucson!

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