Moving plants across the state lines – what’s to know?

Transporting household items to another state is one thing. But what happens when you want to transport your plants? It may be far difficult then you think! This is why we wrote an extensive guide that will help you better prepare for moving plants across the state lines! Read carefully and you will move them in no time at all!

Do research before moving plants across the state lines

Believe it or not, but almost all the states have their laws regarding plant import and transport. The reason behind this is to prevent any possible widespread pests and diseases. When it comes to transporting plants, they need to be only indoor grown plants. Not to mention that the soil has to be sterilized. But do not worry! You can purchase sterilized soil in a garden shop! This means that you will have to leave your outdoor plants behind or dig them up and plant them in sterile soil before moving.

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Research about the regulations before moving plants across state lines

This may be the most important part since you will be moving in Arizona heat and harsh weather. There are rules and regulations you need to follow if you want to move your plants safely and legally.

Rules and regulations 

AS we mentioned before, its all about rules and regulations. Most states will ask for the certificate of inspection. And, on the other hand, they might prohibit the import of certain types of plants. In your closes the agricultural department, you can find more information on moving plants across the state lines.

Flowers in a basket

You need to protect your plants well before you ship them

Furthermore, you need to think about the ways to transport your plants. It’s not like you want to transport them inside your trunk or a car. Meaning, if you can’t transport them within regulations then you should consider asking your Movers Oro Valley AZ for their professional help.

Start early with preparation

Plants are very delicate things when you need to transport them. Especially if we are talking about long-distance plant transportation. You can’t prepare them for relocation on moving day. What you need to do is put bigger plants in big plastic pots, and do that at least 20 days before you relocate. They won’t break during the relocation so you shouldn’t worry.

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Start preparing your plants in time

Also, the main reason why you should do it early is to let the roots settle in the plastic pots. This will allow the plant to have stability and lower the risk of damages during the transport. Not to mention not getting some disease or malnutrition. But, if something like that does happen, then do not worry! There are ways to feed and recuperate plants you should know about!

What not to forget when moving plants across the state

There are a couple of things you always have to have in mind when moving plants across the state lines. First things first, in most cases you will be prohibited from moving outdoor plants. Meaning, they might change the ecosystem in the state, and that can seriously damage the environment. Second, some certain states can prohibit certain plants, and also ask for a certificate of inspection. Thirds, all plants must be transported safely and with caution. Meaning you will have to provide with the best transporting conditions, cases and transport trucks. Those are just overall things you need to worry about when moving plants.

A man signing paperwork for Moving plants across the state lines

You will need permission to move your plants

There are also basic things you need to get before relocating! It will help you with your relocation a lot! As we mentioned before, when moving plants across the state lines you must plan ahead and carefully.

Seek specialized transport

Transporting plants is not the same as transporting items. Those are real living organisms, and they need a special moving truck. One that can provide enough protection, as well as with some kind of watering system. These trucks will provide you with the base where you can fix the pots too. So they can’t move or fall over during transportation. Furthermore, they must have a constant flow of fresh air as well as protection against pests. So you see, you need to have special conditions for your plant transportation!

image of a moving truck

You may need a special truck to transport your plants

Especially if you are moving to another place with a different climate. Remember plants do need time to adjust to new weather, just as we do! Always pack additional water for yourself and your plants! It will help you with fighting the Arizona heat that is just around the corner with the upcoming summer!

Other regulations regarding plant transport

Most of the time you can find plant transporting regulations online in pdf! Therefore making it much simpler to relocate your plants. There are some regulations that are almost always the same with the most states such as:

  • Citruses are not supposed to be transported
  • Quaranteen is necessary for plant transportation. It is to prevent possible pest transport.
  • Inspections are almost mandatory
  • No weeds or invasive types.
  • Every houseplant needs to be potted before shipped.

These basic rules are here to make sure no harm is done to both your plants and the new environment you are moving to. Remember, you can easily damage the ecosystem if you bring a prohibited plant with yourself. Also, you can face serious legal charges and fines, and you definitely shouldn’t risk that!

Moving plants across the state lines is not a simple task! It requires preparation and careful planning. And we told you everything you need to know about it! Make sure you remember these facts before you set off to relocate your plants across the states!

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