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Moving day survival kit

As we all know, relocating to another city is a long process. Searching and moving to a new home takes a lot of time. To avoid unnecessary stress you should plan everything thoroughly and in advance. Moving process takes a lot of planning and you should plan it a few weeks or even months before. No matter if it’s long or short distance move, to save time and avoid stress, you should make a to-do list or a checklist, as well as prepare a moving day survival kit. Also, before you even start anything, you should sort out your budget. Hiring a professional moving company is a very good thing to do and a wise option. They can help you and make your move easier and faster.

Professional moving companies

Professional moving companies will take care of your belongings.  Take for example Florence moving companies. They will pack your stuff, load them into moving trucks and transport to the new destination.

Having a lot of experience and good and trained workers makes a professional moving company the best solution for all your moving problems. The first thing you should do is to call. Do not rush and take your time, call several moving companies and ask them for services they can provide. Some of them will give you discounts on some services you might need.

Call a few companies as soon as you can, as it will get you the best possible offer

The first step is to call them and communicate with their lovely employees. They will gladly give you answers to all of your questions. They can help you calculate the costs of a move (or you can use the calculator that you can find on their site). Also, they will send a team of workers to check and examine all the things you want to move. After that, they will give you a real price and you can be sure it’s a final one. With a good moving company, there won’t be any extra hidden costs at the end.

Some of the services that you can expect from a professional moving company are:

  • Good communication and answers to all of your questions
  • Proper packing and labeling all of your packed stuff
  • Good truck size and safe transport
  • Insurance
  • Unpacking and recycling
  • Other extra services

As you can see, moving company will take care of many things for you but there’s always a question, what should we put in our moving day survival kit?

What should we put in our moving day survival kit?

You must be wondering what are the most necessary things for your moving day survival kit.  Those are things you will need and use on your first week after the move, for sure. Just ask interstate movers Arizona, they have a lot of experience with this. Moving day survival kit should be something you will keep with you. So, the best thing to do is to pack those necessary things with you in your car. In case you want that stuff to be packed in the moving truck, they should be placed on top of everything or in some place you can easily get to (load them last and close to the door). Some of the things you might consider having in a moving day survival kit are:

Air mattress and bedding

One of the most important things after a long day of moving is to rest your head and have a good night of sleep. We all know that after the move we will have a lot of stuff to do for weeks, and that’s why being rested and having a good night of sleep is one of the key things in order to continue unpacking and sorting out stuff in your new home.

Have a mattress and linens set somewhere you can easily set them up when you need them

Some people don’t think in advance and they end up sleeping on the floor. So, air mattresses come in handy in situations like this. Just in case you can’t assemble your bed on the first day of a move. Or, of course, in case that you can, you should always keep some sheets and blankets in your moving day survival kit.

Towels and toiletries

Other things you probably won’t have time and energy to search for through the plenty of boxes are towels and toiletries. So, these are also very important to pack in your moving day survival kit. So, except pajama and towels, that you will definitely need at that first day, there are several more items you should consider having with you. Toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, soap, conditioner, lotion and of course toilet paper.

Non-perishable food

You should know that most of the professional moving companies won’t accept to move perishable foods. So, a suggestion for that is to spend most of that kind of food before moving or to give that stuff away. But, of course, no matter what we all have to eat!

Find the foods with a long shelf life so it doesn’t spoil during your move

Considering that your refrigerator might not be working the same first day, you should pack some snacks with you, canned food and drinks. Also, you can always order something in case you didn’t have time to pack some yourself or prepare snacks. You can see here a recommendation of snacks for the moving day.

Emergency first-aid kit

While we tend not to hurt ourselves and most of the time that is not happening, we should always have an emergency first-aid kit with us. Even if we hire a professional moving company to do most of the stuff, we can sometimes end up with scratches or small cuts. That’s why having an emergency first-aid kit is one of the necessary things that should go into our moving day survival kit.