Our Reviews are 100% PURE. They are from real customers, and we take them as they come. We don’t tamper with them. We don’t influence them. We don’t run from the bad ones. (Yes, we do have a few).

We LOVE reviews. We depend on them as consumers, ourselves. We learn from your feedback.

A few smart people have figured out that we are more accommodating when we have the opportunity to accommodate.

Here’s a few things you should know about our company when it comes to reviews:

  • We care about your satisfaction MORE than we care about reviews.
  • We think reviews are a good way to learn about a service or product, but not the only way.
  • We understand that reviews can be abused by competitors, customers, and companies themselves.
  • We will stand our ground against scam artists who use reviews as an extortion tool.
  • Reviews are Good Advertising, unless your company sucks.
  • Reviews are CHEAP Advertising, and it saves our customers money.

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