Important paperwork you need for moving

Many people who are about to move for the first time will frequently think about the important paperwork you need for moving. Everyone in their right mind will have to realize that there have to be some papers they need to carry about. But did anyone ever really make an actual list of them? We think not. Which is why we are going to be the ones that make this aspect of life easier for you.

So, what is the important paperwork you need for moving? It really isn’t just one paper. There are a few. And we are going to list the ones that we deem most important. However, don’t blindly stick to this list. The important paperwork you need for moving can involve some that are most important to you, personally, but never made our list. That makes your important papers no less important. So, keep in mind that this list is not absolute. However, it is a good guideline for your future moves. Make the most of it. Also, you can ask long distance moving companies Tucson AZ to assist you with the list of paperwork they think is important to have.

The important paperwork you need for moving

So, when it comes to moving, there are so many moving things you need to worry about. There is so much logistics involved it’s insane. Still, making a moving checklist can certainly help, as you are far less likely to miss out certain bits and pieces.

Today, we are here to talk about the important paperwork you need for moving. This can involve anything from personal documents to property documents or just pieces of papers that are invaluable to you. We will be general and will cover only the most common cases of paperwork. Do keep in mind that the list is a guideline and not an absolute list.

Driver’s Licence

One of the important paperwork you need for moving is definitely going to be your driver’s license. Even though if we consider that professional movers will be taking care of your move, you still want to have your driver’s license on you in case you need to move about on your own.

Important paperwork you need for moving always includes your driving licence

If you start your move without driving license you might get in trouble quickly, in case you get routinely stopped by the police.

Furthermore, you might need your driver’s license as documentation needed to set up a new cable or some other utility service at your new place. If you are moving to Arizona it’s likely you are getting there by car, so again don’t forget your driver’s license.


If you have a passport it absolutely goes without saying that yours should not leave your side during the move. You might not need it at all, but you still don’t want to separate from it. A passport is an incredibly valuable document, and you don’t want to go through the chaos of losing one during your move. It could become a nightmare.

Don't forget to bring your passport with you, no matter if you need it. It can help you substitute your personal ID.

Your passport serves a purpose other than getting you over the border. You can use it as an ID because it is a state-issued document with a picture.

On another hand, it is extremely expensive to reissue a passport. Still, if you are moving for work-related reasons, you might need to show your passport as proof of citizenship and identity.

Birth Certificate / Social Security Card

It’s needless to say how important these two documents are. These are probably the most important documents that you own. Regardless of whether you are moving somewhere near, or to another state. These documents are very valuable proof of identity and legality. So make sure they are handy and within arms reach throughout the entire move.

Medical Records (kids)

We perfectly understand just how many variables you need to be mindful of when moving. This is why we are trying to simplify this list as much as we can, without leaving out the most important stuff.

If you forget to bring your medical records with you, it can be quite stressful as it might take you some time before they arrive.

Get the medical records of your family before you move. Once you get to your location you can deposit those documents with your new MD.

The bad news is if you have kids you can almost triple this very basic list. Because as many documents as you might have, your kids will have the same amount. Or more. Depending on how many kids you have. If you are relocating to a new school district you will want to have all kids medical records handy. If you end up having to dig through a truck full of personal belongings to get to those files you will wish you had them at your person.

Plus, moving can put a strain on one’s health. So, having your medical records and documentation on you might prove to be helpful. Not that you will need. But still. Better safe than sorry!


The important paperwork you need for moving can also include checks. You have absolutely no clue how many things can pop-up when you are dealing with a move. There are countless additional services you might need along the way. For instance, plumbers, electricians, etc. You will want your checkbook handy in case you are not carrying loads of cash on you. Which we recommend you don’t.

Pet health records

Additionally, other than the med records for yourself and your children, your pets need theirs as well. Thing is, you don’t want Skipper to have to become car sick and not be able to have his files when you go to a vet. So, simply put, make sure all your pet records are up-to-date and organized well. In case of an emergency during the move, you will be all set. Furthermore, when you reach your new home, the first visit to the vet will be a simple one since you will have all the info at hand.


Simply put, the necessary documentation is vast. There are many things you can oversee throughout the move, and this is understandable. And it will happen. So when it does (if it does) don’t be too hard on yourself. It is a very difficult process, and mistakes are ok. However, if you use this small list we generated for you, at least you will most likely cover all the most important grounds. In case you need to move on short notice, read this list of moving tips that can help you immensely.

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