How to stage your home on a budget

Selling a home and moving out takes a lot of preparation. You could show your property to potential buyers as it is, but that would not increase your chances of selling. What would make it more desirable and thereby easier to sell is home staging. Many people assume that finding cheap movers and staging a home on a tight budget is practically impossible. Well, that isn’t necessarily true. You can actually do it for little to no money! Read on to find out how to stage your home on a budget.

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Sell your home more swiftly and for more money with these low-budget home staging ideas.

Follow these tips and stage your home on a budget

Decluttering is the first step

Make your home look more spacious before inviting homebuyers. Since adding more rooms would cost a lot, decluttering is a much cheaper alternative. Moreover, the buyers will focus on what is important without being distracted by clutter.

So, take a good look at each room and decide what you can take out. Although you are trying to save money, some tasks should be left to professionals. For example, call one of the professional piano movers Tucson AZ offers to take care of your piano or a similar item that’s taking up too much space. Leave only the essential furniture and some nice decorations. Everything personal, such as family photos or the trophy you won as a kid, should go. Everything that’s broken or in poor condition should definitely go, too. Don’t forget to empty the closets (at least partially) because the homebuyers will probably open them.

What to do with the excess items

Have a yard sale, donate to a charitable organization, let your friends and family take what they want, or move the things you’re keeping to your new home. Since this cannot be done in a day, make sure you start on time. In case you don’t have time to get rid of everything before homebuyers start showing up, rent a storage unit. Your belongings can wait there until you find a more permanent solution.

Cleaning your home goes without saying

Now that you’ve done some decluttering, you can start cleaning and sanitizing. When you hire Moving Buddies Tucson AZ and have them move your belongings, you need to clean up after they leave. All you need are sponges, mops, gloves and, of course, cleaning products. It’s a good thing that you probably already have all that. You can even improvise and make the cleaning products yourself using the ingredients you have in your kitchen instead of buying expensive detergents. DIY home cleaners are both cheap and easy to make. You should wash, vacuum and dust every nook and cranny because home buyers will be scanning everything. Don’t forget the less obvious places, like under the sofa and inside the closets, you never know where they are going to look.

Breathe a fresh life into your home with some paint

As we all know, colors affect our mood tremendously. Painting is a relatively cheap but effective upgrade. This will make your home look cleaner and, if you choose the right colors, cozier and more beautiful. Painting is something many people can do without professional help.

A room decorated by someone who knows how to stage a home on a budget - cabinets, a plant, two paintings, a lamp, a chair and some books

Each room could use a subtle splash of color so that it doesn’t feel boring.

If you want to play it safe, go with the neutral and muted tones, such as white, beige, brown, gray, and the gray tones of yellow, green and blue. However, the place will look monotonous without a pop of color, which means not everything should be pale and neutral. You can paint the walls and/or the furniture. Some eye-catching trim colors will also help you stage your home on a budget.

Minor details make a major difference

When selling a furnished home, there is a lot you can do to make it feel warm and welcoming. One of those things is using cool decorations, which you can even find in nature or, if you’re crafty, make yourself. Furthermore, you can find amazing, budget-friendly art you can use to stage your home on a budget at your local thrift store or at yard sales. It is good to pick a theme and make sure the colors match. For example, if it’s a beach house, experiment with the nautical theme. Matching towels, bathrobes and bath mats make every bathroom look more sophisticated. The same goes for matching bed sets and pillowcases.

Get inspired by the seasons

The time of the year can also serve as a theme. During the fall, you can decorate with pumpkins, pinecones or dry leaves. On the other hand, fresh flowers would be a nice touch in the spring (fake ones might look cheap and tacky). Or, if you are selling during the holiday season, including some Christmas lights or other holiday decorations.

Natural light and fresh air cost nothing

Something as simple as opening the windows can help improve the overall impression. Natural light is your strongest ally when staging your home on a budget, plus, it is free. You may think that darkness helps hide the flaws, but, in fact, light has a positive psychological impact on humans. It gives us a feeling of safety and comfort. Consider adding larger mirrors since they can reflect natural light and open up space. Opening the windows will also eliminate bad odors and give your home a fresh smell. Alternatively, using air fresheners or candles is another way of making your home smell great. And, if you have the time, why not bake some cookies or brew coffee?

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Stop using excuses and stage your home on a budget.

Tidy up the exterior when staging your home on a budget

Don’t forget about the outdoor area. This is the first thing homebuyers will notice. Boost your curb appeal by painting the fence, cleaning up patio furniture, mowing the lawn, picking up leaves, cleaning up pet waste, etc. Details such as an easy-to-read house number, potted plants on the porch and a clean doormat will also leave a good first impression.

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