How to spot fake online moving reviews?

Throughout history, there were numerous ways people swindled other people. Thieves, swindlers, and other money stealing companies innovate new ways to scam you constantly. But there are always some tips on how to spot fake online moving reviews. If you know them, you will certainly manage to avoid possible scams and find your perfect moving company. Here are some of those tips that will surely help you with that!

Research the website and the reviews

Fake online moving reviews are very common these days. But they are not that hard to spot. All you have to do it know some simple facts about algorithms in programming. These facts will help you deduce the fake feedbacks and figure out you are dealing with possibly a scam company. First things first, do thorough research of their website. While you take time and look around their website, you can easily notice several things. The first thing that can occur to the reviewer’s eyes is:

  • How responsive is the site? Meaning how good and fast are responses when you click on something. It is not only about internet speed, but how well designed and programmed their site is.
  • Is their blog active? Most of the time fake moving companies will have poorly programmed website that is slow on responses
  • Is the design good? How good are animations? This will show how much the company actually invested in web presentation
  • Is there any option to leave feedback at all? And if there is, does it have to be admin approved? These signs only show that they will post only positive feedback in their comments. That’s one of the signs of fake online moving reviews you have to watch out for.
Image of a word quality over a man

Poor website quality often comes with fake online moving reviews

These are just some of the tips you have to know when you want to hire Moving Buddies Tucson AZ. Tips we present you with will only help you in locating those perfect moving companies you need!

Characteristics of fake online moving reviews

When it comes to these types of reviews, it is not that hard to spot out the obvious frauds. There are few pointers you must follow in order to notice them. The main thing fake online reviews have in common are:

  • The reviews are way too positive. This is an instant alarm! How come there are that much positive feedbacks, yet alone so positive that kinda looks like a trans. These kind of reviews are the first hints that something is not right.
  • When you read the reviews you will notice they have too much description. They literally give way too much description in their reviews.
  • On the other hand, reviews can be way too negative. Often people working for other companies leave negative comments in order to belittle the moving company.
  • You can spot fake online review if it is written completely in a foreign How do you know this is fake? Well, if they hired the company, they did it in English. Why would they leave a review in any other language?
Cartoon people leaving fake online moving reviews

Fake online reviews can be way too positive or negative.

When you are searching for a good moving company to transport your items, these are some of the clues that can help you. This especially comes in handy when you want to move expensive items, such as electronics, furniture or instruments. You really do not want to leave your expensive instruments in the hands of the incompetent frauds. When you know these tips, you will easily hire reliable piano movers Tucson AZ. Make sure you double check everything before heading out to hire them.

Fake online moving reviews are well-written 

The fact that they sound almost perfect is the first thing to notice. These reviews tend to be very well written, without using any slang or possible grammar mistakes. Every word is in its place, and they all tend to sound very generic. Although that is not that wrong, it always happens from time to time to make a mistake. Second, this kind of reviews uses a lot of first-person pronouns. Linguists say that people who leave genuine reviews tend to write down with more nouns. All the while these reviews are more bombastic.

A feather in a ink bottle

Fake feedbacks are well-written

If you ever encounter something like this, just turn away from the said company. You will get nothing from them, but trouble and probably a scam. If you encounter multiple moving companies with this kind of reviews, just passed them off. But, on the other hand, if you do not, there are multiple ways to choose between moving companies. This will make hiring a lot easier to yourself.

Reviews profiles are fake

Now comes the easy part of the feedbacks. Behind a fake online moving review lies a fake profile. That is easy to check. All you have to do is to click on their profile and see if they had any activity at all. Also, most of these profiles have excellent profile portrait photos who look like they are done by the professional photographer. It is not uncommon in today’s world that companies will hire people to leave fake reviews. Just like with other platforms, you can pay up and get a lot of visitors, clicks, views, reviews etc. When you research their profiles you will notice that they probably come from very far away. Even from parts of the country that couldn’t possibly acquire assistance from your local movers.

That makes spotting a fake online moving review much easier. A good moving company will always have a spectre of different feedbacks. From positive to negative. Also, their customer’s service should answer all your questions. Especially if you have some info from those reviews to ask. What to ask a moving companies customers service will depend on how much info they put up on their website.

Image of avatars

User profiles are mostly fake

Fake online moving reviews can make a lot of trouble today. Not only will they give you a false idea of a good company, but you can end up scammed from the said company as well. Follow these few pointers that will surely help you avoid those scams. If you have anything to add, feel free to do so in the comment section down below!

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