How to screen moving companies like a pro

Choosing the right moving company for your move is one of the first tasks that you are going to have to complete right after you decide to move. However, in the sea of moving companies available on the market nowadays, how do you make your choice? It has never been harder, we’ll give you that. Today, people are more mobile than ever. Consequently, the moving industry is booming as well. Therefore, by each passing day, the choice that every person, family or business will have to make, to choose which moving company to hire, is going to be more difficult. So, in order to help you make the right choice, we are bringing you the article that is going to help you screen moving companies like a pro. Bear with us till the end be prepared to conduct a quick and an efficient move.

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Choose a reliable moving company, not just any more you come by

What do you need to do in order to screen moving companies like a pro?

Before we get into too many details about how to screen moving companies like a pro, we are going to first take an overview of the most important characteristics that every moving company needs to possess. According to these characteristics, you will be able to make your informed choice which moving companies in Sierra Vista AZ are trustworthy and which ones you should have nothing to do with.

Following are the characteristics that you should look for in a moving company:

  • They should offer free estimates
  • A legitimate moving company will meet with you in person right from the start
  • Be mindful of customer reviews
  • Hire a moving company through a referral
  • Credentials

There are other significant characteristics of a quality moving company. However, the above-mentioned ones are going to help you make the primary cut. Afterward, it is up to you to talk to the movers, listen for details and choose the right moving company for you.

Free estimates

Free estimates have become something of a standard in the moving industry. Therefore, you should make sure to hire a local moving company Florence AZ that is going to show up at your place and provide you with this service free of charge. 

In your quest for a moving company, you are going to come by a lot of shady movers. In fact, there are still a lot of those that would provide you with an estimate over the phone. Otherwise, in the case that you insist that they come, they would quote you a price for the estimate itself. This is a business practice that you should make sure to avoid. After all, there is not going to be a mover that will be able to give you a certain estimation just on the basis of your description. Therefore, do not rush. Give yourself time to hire the best movers available on the market.

Insist on meeting with your movers in person

Another thing that you should make sure to do in order to screen moving companies like a pro, is to meet with them in person. 

Make sure to meet with a movers in order to screen moving companies like a pro

Make sure to hire a moving company that will actually take time to meet with you prior to the move

Just like with free estimates, some Oro Valley movers may find it time-consuming to meet up with you. However, if they cannot accommodate time to meet with their potential customer, what makes you think that they would go above and beyond to provide you with a complete moving service? So, in order to hire a quality moving company, make sure to insist on meeting with them.

Be mindful of customer reviews

One of the biggest aces up your sleeve is going to be customer reviews. 

One of the perks of living in the era of the modern internet is the fact that information is just one click away. It is up to you to use this perk to your benefit.

Before you decide what moving company you are going to hire, find out what others thought of it. Go online and check the comments section on the company’s website. Also, check third-party websites such as Yelp, for example. Plenty of former customers would go online and share their opinions. No matter whether they were good or bad, such information should be precious to you.


Is there a better way to make sure that a moving company or a provider of storage units AZ is reliable one than getting to know it through a referral. All of us know people who have moved. A portion of them surely needed help relocating. You should get in touch with those people. Ask them for their opinions. They will also surely have pieces of advice to share with you. After all, who are we supposed to trust more than our friends and family? Gather as much information as possible. This is the only way to screen moving companies like a pro.


Your friends have moved, ask them for referrals

Credentials are important in order to screen moving companies like a pro

Lastly, we need to talk about credentials of moving companies. To screen moving companies like a pro, you need to ask to see their credentials. They should include:

  • Insurance policy number
  • A DOT number
  • License number

Every reliable mover is going to be insured, licensed and bonded. If the one that you are talking to is not, avoid hiring it.

How to screen moving companies like a pro – Conclusion

There are many moving companies operating on the market. If you are in need of moving help, you need to find out as much as you can about each and every one of those that you are negotiating with. Learn from this article how to screen moving companies like a pro. Afterward, you will not be looking back.

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