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How to prepare your kids for a big move

Relocation can be really stressful for all of us! We need to think about a lot of things such as planning, packing, hiring movers, etc. With all that stress we tend to forget about our little children and how will they cope with moving. Here in our article, you will find out how to prepare your kids for a big move in the easiest way possible!

Prepare your kids for a big move by talking to them

Start talking about your relocation as soon as you can. Try to keep them up to that as much as they need to know. They do not have to know all the details, just to be informed that something is going on right now. Also, depending on the age of your kid, you will have a different approach. With babies and toddlers, you won’t have any problems. But with some older kids, you will have to prepare them by talking. And you should prepare your kids for a big move by telling them it is for the best interest of the whole family.

Kids can get pretty anxious during the relocation period – especially when the packing day arrives. So it is for the best when you search for Arizona movers and storage to hire a babysitter who will watch over them. It will keep them out of the harm’s way!

Take them on house hunting trips

When it comes to preparing your kids for a big move, the house hunting trips are essential! Why? Because it will give your children a sense of knowing their new homes. They will see that relocation is not that bad and that it can make them feel less anxious about it. Furthermore, if you include them in the process of finding the moving company they will become less attached to their former home. When you are searching for movers Sierra Vista AZ make sure you let your kids “help” you with it. Sure, there is not much they can do, but it will give them the feeling of inclusion. This will help you to prepare your kids for a big move in a great way!

How to handle their emotions

As we mentioned before, it is easy to deal with kids under the age of 9. They almost never get too attached to people. But, they do get close to places and their daily routines. So, in order to avoid anxieties and to fully prepare your kids for a big move, you need to maintain the routines. Regular walks and playing in the park should do the trick.

Younger teens 

But, the older kids require much more attention. Sadly, you will probably be met with sadness, questions, anger, etc. Most of the time, they have a sense of being independent. And that can all come down falling with something they have no control over. This can influence their success in school. Remember, it is a good idea to move on weekends or holidays.

It is the simplest way not to miss any schoolwork they might have to do. Also, your kids already made friends with other kids. Meaning this bond is far greater now, than with the younger children. It can fall hard on them to have to end some relationships. This is the moment when you have to be very patient and understand their emotions. This is just one of the ways to help your kids cope with relocation! Make sure you learn them all, so your child won’t have any issues moving.

Include your children in the packing process

Inclusion, inclusion, inclusion! We can’t stress enough how important this is when it comes to preparing kids for relocation. Not only will they feel like a part of the big move, but actually become happy to do it. Now, we all know that you can’t give them hard tasks. Depending on their age you can let them do some of the following things:

  • Let them chose which toys they want to bring with them when you go house hunting. Also, which ones they won’t pack in the moving boxes
  • Want to help them settle in faster? Let them chose the color of their new bedroom. This will give them a sense of freedom and independence
  • Give them the “to do list” they can complete. If you want to prepare your kids for a big move, then this is the right thing to do.

Remember, all these tasks should be easy enough for your kids to do them. And after they complete one of them, give them some sort of award. One of the “biggest tasks” you can give them is to pack their toys before the movers arrive. It should be a fun thing to do. In the meanwhile, figure out how to fill the time until the movers come in. This will help you as well!

Try to keep their bedroom the same when you prepare your kids for a big move

Some kids can experience higher levels of anxieties when it comes to moving and adapting to a new home. This is an issue you need to solve fast! Mostly because it can lead to a series of tantrums and other issues you will need a longer time to deal with. So, to make it simple, try to keep the same look of their new bedroom as the old one! This will give them a safe and familiar space they can go to when they feel anxious. It is one of the ways of adapting to a new home.

Preparing your kids for a big move is never an easy task! It requires a lot of patience and skills. Hopefully, our guide gave you enough information on what to do in these types of situation. If you already have experience in this, share it with us! You can leave your feedback in the comment section!