How to prepare for heavy lifting

Moving isn’t just an overwhelming experience – it is also extremely physically demanding. Most people realize that after they deal with the relocation without the help of professional movers. The right mover can make the whole experience much better. However, professionals won’t save you from lifting. Even if you hire them, you’ll still have to lift some of your belongings before the moving day. And this is when most injuries happen. Therefore, in order to help you, we’ve created a guide on how to prepare for heavy lifting and how to do it properly.

Why should you prepare for heavy lifting?

Firstly, let’s say a few words about the importance of preparing for lifting heavy items. Before you move to Glendale, it’s very important to learn these next pieces of advice if you don’t want problems during your move. As you already know, preparation is the key to a successful relocation. But what are the advantages of preparing for lifting heavy belongings?

  • Preventing injuries – back injuries are the most common injuries that happen during the relocation. Injuries happen because people don’t prepare for heavy lifting and want to move a lot of heavy objects at the same time.
  • Keeping your belongings undamaged  – even though this is less serious than hurting yourself, it’s still important. Without the right posture and firm grip, you’ll be in danger of dropping your moving boxes and breaking everything that’s inside them.
  • Keeping your home safe – if you drop something, your floors can get damaged, too. However, with the right preparation, this all can be avoided.

Before lifting…

You’ll have to take care of some things before you start lifting your heavy moving boxes or other belongings. The first step is packing all of these items properly. If something isn’t secured, or moving boxes are damaged, you risk hurting yourself. Therefore, learn how to pack properly or get quality packing services in Arizona. And apart from packing heavy items the right way, don’t forget to:

  • Remove obstacles along the pathway –  before moving heavy items, make sure indoor paths are clear, and outdoor paths are free of snow, ice, water, mud. These things can jeopardize your safety so be careful!
  • Have the right clothes and footwear on – for lifting heavy items, you’ll need to feel comfortable. Light, dry fit clothes and comfortable shoes are very important for the preparation of the move and on a moving day, too.
  • Find help – don’t try to impress other people by lifting and moving everything on your own. Instead, ask for help. Ask strong family members and your best friends. They’ll make your move much easier for you.
Close up of people's hands, symbolizing team work.

Don’t try to move things on your own. Ask your friends to help you!

Learn the techniques for lifting heavy items

One of the most important things, when you want to prepare for heavy lifting, is learning the techniques. By following these techniques, you’ll manage to keep yourself, and your belongings safe. So, what are the best pieces of advice we can give you when it comes to strategies and techniques of lifting?

Be smart

First things first, know your abilities! Most people injure themselves during the move because they overestimate their abilities and physical strength. For example, one man who has never moved can’t move successfully a piano. If they try to move it, they’ll put everyone and everything in danger. Therefore, be smart, and know your abilities. Instead of ruining your piano, just contact piano movers Tucson AZ and let them do their magic.

Take it slow

Whether you’re preparing for long distance or local moving Arizona, you’ll have to learn how to slow down. Keep in mind that most moving mistakes happen when everybody is rushing things. This goes for injuries, too. Remember, be smart and take it slow. Think before you act. Find someone who can prepare you for heavy lifting. An experienced person can give you a lot of great advice.

Hourglass with pink sand.

Even though you want to relocate as fast as possible, don’t rush and become careless.

Keep a wide and stable base

When lifting heavy items, it’s very important to keep a stable base in order to distribute the weight of these items across your entire body. Pay attention to keeping your feet shoulder-width apart. Keeping a stable base will make sure you don’t fall when you start lifting.

Keep your back straight

One of the most common injuries during the relocation are back injuries. Because of this, you’ll need to do everything that’s in your power to avoid them. First of all, keep your back straight. Improper lifting techniques usually include bad back posture. For a proper back posture, you’ll have to keep your back straight, look straight ahead, and keep your shoulders back.

Another rule you’ll learn when you start to prepare for heavy lifting is to always bend your knees, not your back. If you decide not to ask for moving services Arizona, then learning this technique is of most importance. This is because when bending your knees you’re using your strong leg mussel energy to lift heavy items. If you bend your back, then you’ll be using your weak back muscles. This leads to back injuries which can cause you a lot of troubles.

Woman exercising in order to prepare for heavy lifting.

Start exercising to strengthen your back before the move.

Lift up to your waist

Most experienced people will tell you that if you want to lift heavy objects safely, you’ll have to avoid lifting them over your head at any cost. Ideally, you should only lift heavy items only up to your waist. If you try to lift one heavy item above your head, you might pull a muscle, or hurt yourself even more.

Push, don’t pull

Last but not least, avoid pulling heavy items at any cost! It will be much safer to push these items forward, instead of doing it backward. With the help of the proper technique,  furniture dollies and other moving supplies, there will be no problem during your move. Therefore, if you prepare for heavy lifting, you’ll manage to avoid injuries, while your belongings and home will stay intact!


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