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How to pack a storage unit

One of the common moving tips you will come by is to plan your packing in advance and sell or donate some of your belongings in order to lower the moving expenses. Even though that sounds like a solid and practical solution, how about the items you just can’t set apart with? Whether you are planning a long distance moving AZ process or just need some extra space, renting a storage unit can be a perfect solution for either making your move quicker or decluttering your home by keeping your belongings safe. In order to make sure there are no damages to your belongings you will need to plan the packing in advance. Here is an all-you-need-to-know guide on how to pack a storage unit.

Where to start when packing for storage

Cramming all of the items into a storage unit is tempting. Even more so if you are in the middle of a relocation process. There must be so many other important tasks and decisions that paying attention to the storage may seem daunting or unimportant. Avoid making one of the most common moving mistakes by creating a detailed moving and storage plan. 

Keep your belongings safe and avoid any damages by creating a packing plan

Choosing the right size and type of a storage unit will be crucial for keeping your belongings safe and in a mint condition. In order to make sure you choose the right storage solution, follow a few important steps during the planning time: 

  • Create a packing list.
  • Evaluate the size of the needed storage space.
  • Gather the packing supplies.
  • Find and pack a storage unit.

The packing list

In order to pack a storage unit safely, you will first need to create a list of items you want to store. Therefore you will be later on be able to evaluate how big the unit should be. If you are moving to a new home and looking to store your belongings for a shorter period of time, create a moving packing list first. This is exactly where the advice from the beginning of the article will come useful. Consider donating or selling the items you don’t need anymore.

A detailed packing list will help you stay organized

Even if you are moving locally in Arizona, relocations usually mean big lifestyle and routine changes. Therefore people tend to get emotional and cling to the items they don’t actually need or use. Don’t get carried away and pack according to your new home floor plan. Create a list of furniture and other items you want to relocate and plan their placement. After having a detailed relocation packing list you will be able to determine which of your belongings need to be put away safely in a storage unit. 

While you are creating the list, pay a close attention to any items that might require any special storing conditions. Divide the valuable items into a separate list. Artworks, important document, and photos need to be packed and stored with a special care. Hold on to the list and use it to ask a storage expert on their opinion and packing and storage tips and requirements.

How big should the should the storage unit be?

Use the packing list to decide on the size of a storage space you are looking for. Keep in mind that you will need to keep your boxes easily accessible. Therefore, plan on renting a bit bigger space than the actual size of your item requires. Therefore you will be able to create a walking path and reach your items whenever you need them. Also, you will have some extra space to store any additional items you may have forgotten about while creating the packing plan.

Which packing supplies do you need?

The packing supplies you use for storing your items will be crucial when it comes to avoiding any damages. By packing properly and using the quality material you will ensure the items in the storage unit stay in mint condition for longer periods of time.

Choose quality packing supplies

The best way to save time and ensure you pack a storage unit safely is to use professional packing services in Arizona. However, if you want to pack the unit yourself, it is easily doable. Just following a few simple and important guidelines:

  • Get quality, multi-layered cardboard boxes.

Make sure you only get boxes in a few sizes. Two if possible. Stacking boxes on top of each other will be much safer if they are similar in size.  Free packing boxes can be found on websites like Craiglist and from local grocery and liquor stores. Consider buying some quality wardrobe, and moving boxes in order to safely pack your valuables and clothes. If you have heavier items like books, look for smaller boxes.

  • Don’t forget about wrapping material and tapes. 

Old newspapers, magazines, and towels can be great for packing. Plastic wrapping is cheap and can protect your furniture. However, keep in mind that plastic can cause mildew that can damage the items like photos and paintings.

  • Gather the tools you need.

If you have furniture that can be disassembled make sure you have the proper tool for the packing day. Don’t forget about scissors and moving equipment like moving dollies etc.

How to pack a storage unit

Packing for storage will require you to pack your items safely and then prepare the storage unit for packing. Make sure there is no loose space in your boxes. Use wrapping and towels to protect the breakables as well as to fill in any existing gaps. Your items can break collapsing into each other as well as by a half-empty box braking from the weight pushing it from the top. Therefore, make sure the boxes that go on the bottom are sturdy and hold the weight.

Label the boxes when packing for storage. Besides being able to easily decide which box goes where it will help you reach the items you need in a few months time. Most important items should go in last. Also, make sure you protect mirrors and other breakables with extra care.

Make sure you prepare your storage unit in advance. Lifting your items above the ground with pallets is always a great idea.

Contact a reliable storage expert that will be able to help you with the packing process

When looking for the right warehouse, we recommend using storage services in Arizona from the professional and reputable mover. Moving companies like Moving Buddies will be able to give you useful advice on moving and storage solutions. You will, also, be able to save much valuable time. A professional mover can take care of the whole storing process from you. Therefore, while focusing on the other important tasks during the move, you will have professionals to pack a storage unit for you.