How to organize self storage unit

Organizing a self-storage is real art. Do this correctly and with care, and make sure that your stacks of boxes do not fall and, possibly, hurt you or damage your other things. This will also help you know exactly where you place each item so that it is not difficult to find and get it later. So, you do not need to open each box to find one item. More importantly, packing and arranging your things will cause them to last longer – as they will not be filled with dust or dirt. Therefore, we give you some useful tips on how to organize self storage unit.

A woman thinking how to organize self storage unit

If you plan everything thoroughly, it will be easy to organize self storage unit

How should you pack the boxes to organize self storage unit?

When you rent storage Arizona, you have to make sure you store your items correctly. Packing the boxes is probably the most important task when organizing a self storage unit. There are some things that can help you do it like a pro. And here they are:

Be organized

Before putting your things in the box, make a list and assign each element to the appropriate box. Create labels for each box and attach these labels on all sides of the box, as well as to the top of the box.

When completing the list, also record the estimated replacement cost for each, especially if you want to take moving insurance for your belongings. If there are some items that can break, put the “fragile” stickers on the box.

Use boxes of only two sizes

Thus, stacking boxes will be easier and more organized. Boxes must be strong enough that the bottom of the box can withstand the weight of all other boxes stacked on top of it.

Try not to waste space

Fill the entire box, but not all with heavy materials. You need to completely fill the box to avoid its propensity to crash or overturn. However, you should not fill it with heavy objects, so that it will not be easy for you to carry them. When packing, first fill the box with heavy objects, and then fill them with lighter items.

Pack books properly

When packing books, use smaller bookcases, and do not put them in one large box. Keep books flat in drawers, not standing behind, so that their spikes are not damaged.

Box with books

If you like your books, proper packing is obligatory

Avoid watery mess

Freezers and refrigerators should be stored with the door open. Regarding the electrical appliances, you should defrost freezers and refrigerators and completely drain the washing machines.

Protect the items that can break

Pack the breakable items in packing paper or wrapping paper. Wrap the mirrors and frames with some protective material. It is also important to protect your works of art. If you need help, find the best tips for packing fine art.

Use old towels or sheets

When wrapping your things, use towels and sheets to protect them. That way, you will be sure that nothing will break, and you don’t have to spend money on protective packaging materials.

Keep tools and equipment safe

When storing metal tools and equipment, you must completely drain them of fuel. Wiping with some oil will also help prevent rust formation.

And now, how to organize self storage unit?

Plan in advance

Before you start doing anything, make a plan of how you place the boxes and furniture inside your unit. But before that, think if you need all of your things. Maybe you can organize your stuff for donation.

Making a plan

After planning everything, nothing can go wrong

Put pallets on the ground

Before installing the boxes, lay the pallets according to your plan. This will not allow rats, silverfish and ants to make their home under your boxes. Be sure to carefully clean the storage area.

Prevent mold from forming

Avoid storing wet objects, as they can cause mold and other types of water damage. Moist can damage some of the sensitive items you might have in your storage unit.

Use shelves

Check if the storage unit has shelves you can use. Or if there is none, try making them on your own. Put some small items on them, as well as things you would like to keep close.

Take care of availability

Arrange the boxes so that you can easily access each box. Do not store stacks of boxes next to each other. Make a passage that will allow you to access the box without moving anything to the side.

Disassemble the furniture to save space

If you need to store cabinets, take all their parts off and put them in one place. Just make sure that all the bolts and screws are in the marked container. And that you really know how to assemble the furniture back.

Save as much space as possible

Make more space in the storage drawer, using hollow areas of large furniture. For example, you can put a box or two in the closet. That is also true for refrigerators, washing machines or stoves.

Prevent unpleasant situations

Make sure you have enough moisture absorbers in your unit. It would also be a good idea to put rat baits in there. After all, you don’t want rats and mice to run over your stuff and bite them.

Why is it so important to properly organize self storage unit?

Some people rent storage units only for a brief period of time. For example, when you have to leave your house and you need a place to store your stuff until you find a new one. Then you hire Moving Buddies that can transport your furniture to the storage unit.

Man under stress

Avoid stress by organizing everything in advance

But, sometimes your stuff needs to be in the storage unit a bit longer. Maybe you have too many items that cannot fit into your house. Or you simply want to move some stuff from your house, but don’t want to throw them away. Either way, it is very important to correctly organize self storage unit. You never know when you are going to need something from there.

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