How to load a moving truck properly?

The moving day often comes as a burden to us all! Especially if we do not know how to properly do things regarding relocation. If you are relocating in near future, you need to know everything there is about this! Here we will discuss how you can load a moving truck properly? So, when the moving day arrives, you won’t have any packing and loading issues at all.

Measure everything if you want to load a moving truck properly!

What you need to realize is that people often forget to measure the items they are packing and loading. That sometimes leads to a lot of problems during the loading process. You need to measure up your items, and according to that, rent a proper truck. Have in mind that you won’t save money if you opt for a smaller sized truck. You can end up without enough space to transport your items to your new place. Thus making it inevitable to make several costly trips. This will cost you a lot of time and money as well.

A proper process of choosing a proper truck is talking with your moving company. A reliable moving company will give you information about the load size of their trucks. This will give you a proper idea of what size of truck you really need. Also, it is a huge help if the rented truck has a loading dock. Do you know that small lifts at the end of the truck that raises the items to it? Yes, those will save you a lot of time and you won’t get injured while lifting heavy items. Remember, the reliable moving company will always help you with your questions! So, next time you search for professional Florence movers or other professionals in your area, think about all the things you wish to ask them!

Measuring tape use to measure items so you can load a moving truck properly

If you want to load a moving truck properly, measure everything!

Gather packing and wrapping supplies!

A key to every successful moving process is gathering all the supplies in time! When it comes to the easiest way you can use to load a moving truck properly then preparation is the key! It is almost half the job! According to statistics and testimonials, people never had any big problems if they prepared well for it! What you need to get before you even start packing is:

  • A lot of padding materials, such as blankets, cardboard, papers, or even old rugs.
  • Sturdy and different types of moving boxes! Remember, if you want to load a moving truck properly, they are something you just must have!
  • A few wooden pallets you can use to place on the floor of the truck.

As with every packing this can be easily done with the moving company. Often local movers offer their own packing services and packing materials. So, you should consider letting them do this job since they are professionals. While you are searching for movers Green Valley AZ, have in mind these few items you need to get. If they can offer you their own packing supplies, take it. If not, start searching for them in the nearest shops.

a cardboard box

It is important to get the right sized boxes

Dissasemble big items first

This is a very crucial part of packing you need to do! Every time people want to load a moving truck properly, they forget about these things. If you have a lot of big furniture and items, see if you can dismantle them! Also, it is a very good idea to empty them completely! That way they won’t be that heavy to carry, and nothing will tumble in it. Once you disassemble them, remember to wrap them tightly so they won’t move during the transport. Use small and sturdy boxes to store small components in them. That’s the sure way of not losing them while moving.

This is just one of the things you need to do before you even start loading the items. People who move tend to forget a lot of things you shouldn’t forget while moving. Make sure you know everything there is to know about this particular topic before you relocate! You could end up having a lot of troubles if you skip some steps. That can even cost you more money than you initially have planned!

Learn the proper way to pack fragile items 

And when we say fragile, we also include large wooden furniture. If you can, pack valuables in specially designed boxes. If not, learn about the proper methods of packing them. You see, it is not that hard to properly pack them before relocation. All you have to do is wrap them good, then place them in properly sized moving boxes. Remember, one of the best ways to make sure they are undamaged is to pad them with the materials we listed above. A good way of filling oddly shaped empty spaces in is with packing beans or paper. Since they are easily one of the best things you can use when relocating! There are of course other guides to wooden furniture packing that you must read about. This way you will load moving truck properly and without any problems at all.

a sign that says fragile

Pack fragile items with special care

After you are done with all the preparations and packing, the time has come to load them into the truck. The best way to load a moving truck properly is to start with the heaviest and sturdiest items first. You can always use them as a base you can stockpile other easier and less fragile items. Remember, a key to a successful load is to keep in mind all the measurements there are about the truck and items.

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