How to get recommendations for movers

Moving industry has an abundance of moving companies that all offer the same services, at a glance. So how to get recommendations for movers? There are many ways to find a good moving company but recommendations have to be the essential one. If you do your research properly and get those recommendations from various sides, you will make your move a lot less stressful. Not to mention that you will avoid moving scams. For example commercial movers Tucson are a good example of what a good moving company should look like.

How To Get Recommendations For Movers – The Basics

There are several basic methods to acquire recommendations and they are as follows :

  • Ask your friends
  • Check with your co-workers
  • Ask local real estate agents
  • Check the phone book
  • Check Forums

Ask Your Friends

We all have someone that has recently moved or knows someone that did. This is an invaluable source of information. You can get details about the move, the cost and anything else that might interest you. Better yet, this is coming from a trustworthy source. By getting this information from your friends, you are making sure that there is no agenda. Friends are not in it for the money so they will give you the best sort of information. There is nothing better than hands-on experience when it comes to moving companies. If you are only using one way to get recommendations for movers, this would be the best one.

Get recommendations for movers from a friend you belive

You surely have a friend who can give you his recommendation, but also can share the experience of the move

Check With Your Co-workers

Similar to the first one, this approach gives you much more information than only asking friends. It does come with some caveats, as you can not be certain that their information is trustworthy. You do not know these people as well as your friends, so you have less to go on. Always take the information that your coworkers give you with a grain of salt. Reason for this is simple. People are prone to lying to make themselves seem more knowledgeable. Now, not to say that everyone is like this, in fact, most people will give you good and valuable information. That is the reason you should trust but double check any information you get from coworkers. When you are ready to move check out the list of tips to help you prepare for it.

Ask Local Real Estate Agents

This is another way of getting good recommendations. Agents get recommendations for movers on a daily basis. They are full of stories of both successful and not so successful moves, it is in their job description to listen about those kinds of things. All the better if you have an agent that you know and like. You could be tempted to just take the agent at their word but that would be a mistake. Even agents might get false information. It is always better to cross-reference everything you hear from anyone with other sources. That way you ensure that your information is accurate.

Check The Phone Book

While checking the phone book will not give you any estimates, it will provide you with a way to see which companies are closest to your place. Reason for this is that it gives you something to further research, as the companies that are closer can usually provide you with a better price. Distance is a big factor in moving, usually the biggest one, so saving on this would be prudent. The way you can go about this is to first make a list of closest companies. Then, you cross-reference their names and see if they come up in any of your other recommendations. Or they might be the bad ones, you can not know if you do not do any research.

Moving companies that are listed in the phone book might be a more affordable choice then others

Use the phone book to see which moving companies are closest to you as it can help you save money

Check The Forums

Another great place to get information are various forums on the internet. Forums can provide you with information that you might not be able to get anywhere else. The whole process is a bit more time consuming, as you need to filter a lot of unnecessary information. However, the payoff can be huge. Forums are an excellent place to get all kinds of information. Usually, they serve as a buffer between you and moving scams but they can also be used to get positive feedback on people’s moves.

Use the internet as a place to find the resources that will guide your choice in choosing the right moving company

People like to share their experiences online, and you can learn a lot from them when you look for moving companies

Just bear in mind that forums are never 100% accurate and that there might be a lot of misinformation. If you are the type of person that can not be bothered to filter chaff from gold, forums might not be the place for you. But if you are, you will find that forums provide a substantial amount of great information.

How To Get Recommendations For Movers – Next Steps

These would be the best ways to get recommendations for movers but that is not the whole picture. We would be remiss if we did not mention the importance of good screening. Once you do get all your recommendations, what you need to do is to “screen” them. This involves doing a quick background check by either calling them or going to the Better Business Bureau. Also make sure that the company is not blacklisted anywhere, such as Moving Scam.

After doing all that, you should be left with several companies. Most likely there will be at least three of four. Some of these companies will be particularly proficient in a specific area. For example, moving to Tucson will be easier with a company with extensive experience in that particular area. All that is left after that is to get some estimates, see if you are fine with them and get on with moving!

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