How to find affordable AZ movers you can rely on

Is it possible to find affordable movers AZ you can rely on? Maybe you are thinking if they are trustworthy they must be expensive. Or if they are cheap they can’t be good. And you are right. Affordable and reliable rarely go together. But still, it is possible to find affordable AZ movers you can rely on you just need to know where and what to look for. If you are moving to Arizona you are probably interested in hiring one of the Arizona moving companies. And that is smart because Arizona movers are considered to be among the best in the US. But nevertheless, finding affordable and reliable ate the same time is going to be a challenge. Because moving companies usually offer a vast variety of services. So before you decide which company you will hire, you need to know what services you will need.

How to find affordable AZ movers you can rely on – Services and cost

If you want to find affordable AZ movers you can rely on first you need to look at their prices. It is easier to acquire information about their cost than their reliability. So first you need to concentrate on that part of the equation. And, as it was mentioned above, moving companies usually offer a large number of services. So, you need to know what services you will need for your move.  You can expect that the company with a greater number of services will cost you more. They probably have greater expenses. Because of more expensive equipment and a greater number of workers. But nevertheless, you should concentrate on the costs of the services you will need to use. If you can find an online moving quotes Arizona calculator, use it. If not grab a phone and call them.

These are the services moving companies usually provide

  • Residential, commercial, long-distance, international moves. When you are looking to find affordable AZ moving company you can rely on, check what type of moving they are specialized in.
  • Corporate relocation. Moving companies usually offer corporate relocation services for all types of businesses.
  • Standard packing and unpacking services. Packing crew will pack your standard items before the move. And unpack them when you arrive at the destination.
  • Fragile-only packing services. Means that you will pack yourself but you will leave your fragile items for the professionals.

    If you want to find affordable AZ movers you can rely on they will have to know how to pack fragile items

    Find affordable AZ movers that you can rely on that have fragile packing service

  • Special packing services. Means that you have valuable antiques or art that require special treatment.
  • Estimate. Almost every moving company offers free over-the-phone or online moving quotes. You could find a free online moving calculator on their websites. And they could have a personal account manager and moving coordinator who will help you during your planning and moving.
  • Available storage solutions. Sometimes you will need storage units AZ for your excess items and a moving company can help you do that. If they offer storage services they will have long or short-term solutions
  • Packing supplies. Moving companies rent and sell packing and moving supplies. You can find anything from durable plastic moving containers to packing tapes and labels.

How to find affordable AZ movers you can rely on – Reliability

After you gathered all of the available information about the moving company’s prices, you need to check their reliability. And that is the more important part of your question, how to find affordable Arizona movers you can rely on?  If you decide that the pricing is more important to you than trustworthiness, you need to know that you are taking a huge risk. The cost of your move could end up being much higher if, for example, your items get somehow damaged or lost.  And that is just one of the possible problems. If you decide on the cheapest option there is a big possibility that it will cost you much more at the end. So you need to be very careful when you are checking the reliability of your moving company.  And there are some clues that could reveal a reliable moving company just on a first glance.

Clues that can reveal a reliable moving company

  • Insurance and full value protection
  • They will ask you detailed questions before they give you an estimate.
  • Certification. Respectable movers should own the American Moving & Storage Association certification.

    Reliable movers have certification

    Reliable movers will have to show you their certification

  • Discounts. Usually, they will offer some discounts for early reservation or for long-distance moves.
  • They offer discounts for the elderly, disabled or sometimes even military.
  • Find a moving company that is donating part of its profit. It is a good sign that you are dealing with a reliable company.

How to find affordable AZ movers you can rely on – Final checks

There are many things you need to take into consideration if you want to find affordable AZ movers you can rely on. If this is your first time to move you need to prepare yourself well. Make notes, as there will be things that you will certainly forget to check or do. So after you saw their prices and made a thorough search through their websites, pick a company that looks promising. Now it is time to make some final checks.

Your moving company should have

  • They should have professional and helpful staff that answers the phone with the full company name.

    Reliable movers have professional staff

    They should have professional and helpful staff

  • A reliable moving company should have new and modern moving trucks that are safe for moving your possessions.
  • They use well maintained and professional moving equipment.
  • Precise moving inventory is very important. Your inventory affects the price above everything else. The estimator should precisely measure the weight and number of your boxes.

Reliability is more important than the cost

In the end, you will find that if you want to find affordable AZ movers that you can rely on the only solution is to find several most reliable companies and pick the cheapest one. So the most important part is to check their reliability. The moving company will be responsible for all of your possessions at one point.  And any accident could cost you immeasurably. So do your research and find the most reliable companies. In the end, decide for the most affordable one.

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