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How to find a perfect self storage in Arizona

If you need to move or just simply need to store some things. you will need a storage place. When you rearrange your home you will realize that you have some stuff that you should store. So, every now and then, we see that we have some stuff sitting in our home that we are not using often. Because of that, everyone should own/rent storage unit to keep those things safe in case you need them again. You may also consider getting a public storage. For now, let’s see what should we know and how to find perfect self storage Tucson AZ.

How to find a perfect self storage Tucson AZ

As we said, everyone should own a storage place. A lot of people don’t want to throw away stuff they might use later and that’s understandable. From the other side, some people don’t have enough space in their own apartment or house for everything. Those are the reasons you should consider getting a self storage. But, what should you know and how to find the storage Arizona good enough for you? Let’s try and find out.

What you should know before getting a self storage

The most important thing is, not to rush! Take your time and start searching as much as you need in order to find a perfect self storage for you! Searching is not easy and it will probably take a lot of time but at least you will be satisfied in the end. Knowing the stuff you want to put in the self storage place will be safe makes all the search worth. Things you should search for and think of first are:

  • Decide what type of self storage you need
  • Location
  • Accessibility
  • Security
  • Price
You have many different storage units to choose from. Make sure you make a well-informed choice!

Type of self storage you need

There are several different types of self storage places. First of all, you will need to think about what do you want to put in there. You don’t want to pack your storage from wall to wall, or from the ground to ceilings unless you don’t plan on getting anything out from there ever. So, you should think of the size of the storage unit, the access, or climate controlled places too. Like we said, there are a few different types of self storage places. Some of them are:

  • Drive up storage
  • Climate controlled storage
  • Business storage
  • 24 hours storage

Drive up storage

This one is the storage that provides the best level of convenience. It is the best for those who want to load and unload their things a fast as possible. Like this, you can just drive to your storage, add or get things you need and drive away. It has really easy access to it.

Climate controlled storage

You will need storage like this one if you have some stuff that requires climate-controlled space. For example, oil paintings shouldn’t be exposed to sun or high temperatures because they can melt. Also, humidity can harm your artwork or some kind of antique items. In case you have things like this, you will want to rent climate controlled storage place.

Air conditioning is the first line of defense that storage offers for your items. Humidity regulation comes after, depending on your needs.

Business Storage

If you own a store or an office firm, business storage can help you to save money. Some stores don’t have an actual storefront so the business storage is a good solution. Or from the other side, if you have an office and a lot of equipment and stuff that cant fit there and you need it too. It’s easier and cheaper to rent business storage than to rent another office to store your stuff that you will need sooner or later for business.

24 hours storage

This type of storage is important for people who would like or need to have access to their stuff all the time. So if you need something, any time of the day, every day, you can go and get from your storage unit.

Location of your self storage place

Considering that you can find a lot of self storage Tucson AZ you probably won’t have a problem with the location. But, in case you need access to your stored stuff often, you will search for the places that are really close to you. From the other side, in case you don’t have to get the things you put in the storage unit often, you can consider renting a place that is a bit far away but cheaper to rent.


You can find self storage Tucson AZ that you can get access to whenever you want. As we said, depends on what you need and how often you will need to get to things in the storages you will pick the one that’s the best for you. If you need to get your things all the time you should rent 24 hours storage. In case you are storing things you need often too, drive up storage is a good option also.

If you need to move your items from storage to another place often, it would be a bad idea to choose a storage that is not readily accessible!


No matter what kind of stuff you want to store, you will always want everything to be secured the best. So, before renting a storage unit, you should ask about security in that specific facility. Some of self storage Tucson AZ facilities have video surveillance, secured lock pads or even coded access to your storage units. This is another important thing you should ask about when you search for a storage unit.


Call a lot of different facilities and ask and then compare prices. Price varies depending on what do you need. If you hire Moving Buddies, we will let you know about the size of the self storage, accessibility, climate controlled unit, location and a lot of other different stuff that you might need. However, you should know that some of the facilities give you discounts too. Some will give you month free if you pay up front for a few months. The other will offer you free transport maybe. Anyway, you can always get a really good deal if you consider renting self storage Tucson AZ.