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How should you treat your movers?

Moving is a very stressful endeavor for both the homeowners and the moving company workers. We all want to make the process involve the least amount of stress possible. With that in mind, you might ask how should you treat your movers? When hiring any of the moving services Arizona, you are the boss. Everything will be done according to what you say. With great power comes great responsibility. You should treat your movers the way you want to be treated. Apart from that, there are some common practices to make the move go as smooth and with the least amount of stress, as possible.

How should you treat your movers – best practices

Movers are people like everyone else and most of the people like and dislike similar things. With that in mind, here are the best practices on how should you treat your movers:

  • Be welcoming
  • Arrive on time
  • Communicate with your movers
  • Be polite when communicating
  • Offer drinks and/or food
  • Let them know you are grateful

Be welcoming

First impressions are really important. If you make your movers feel welcome when they arrive at the location, you will set the proper tone for the whole moving process. Give them a quick tour of the house and introduce them to everyone that is there. Perhaps offer them coffee or a quick snack. Even if they want to start the process straight away, the gesture will make them feel more welcome. Do not forget to introduce them to your pets, if you have any.

Making your movers feel welcome goes a long way towards that perfect move!

Arrive On Time

It may sound simple, but make sure that you are there when your movers arrive. You see, movers usually have quite tight schedules and every minute delayed produces a small amount of stress. While this is not a significant amount of stress, it can quickly build up during the move. So make sure that you are at the location at the agreed upon time. However, there are situations when you absolutely can not make the agreed time, that is perfectly normal.

In these situations, you need to contact your moving company and figure out the solution. Maybe you can arrange a replacement to be there and greet the movers, perhaps you can reschedule for a different date. If you absolutely can not make the time or find a replacement, it is always possible to have your movers wait for you. Just be mindful that doing it that way could potentially incur extra charges.  If you have chosen a company that has extensive experience and presence in the area, like Moving Buddies Tucson AZ if you are moving to or from Tucson, for example, these charges may be lower.

Communicate with your movers

The best way to make the whole process go smoothly is to prepare a detailed plan for the move. You want to communicate this plan to your movers clearly and concisely. Make sure that as much as possible is not ambiguous. By making sure that movers have a clear understanding of how you want things done will go a long way towards the perfect move. You will also save a lot of time by avoiding all the questions that your movers might have while conducting the job. You should prepare information for three distinct segments :

  • Packing
  • Loading
  • Unloading/Unpacking
Communication is key. Make sure that all your instructions are clear and concise.


Packing experts will want to pack everything that they can see, as fast as possible. By providing them with exact information on what you want to be packed where you will avoid many a stressful or uncomfortable situation. You may have some items that you do not want to be packed and maybe they are in the general packing area, as well as some items that you will pack yourself. All of this needs to be communicated to your movers.


If you have any items that you do not want to load in the truck, make sure to let your movers know. If you want to be extra safe, label all the boxes that are not to be loaded. Additionally, you might have some previous experience on how they should handle specific items. Make sure to let your movers know what worked before.


This is the part of the move where you can save the most time, by providing your movers with good instructions on where exactly to place the moved items. It is best to have everything pre-planned before the unloading begins. You can accomplish this by either labeling every box with the place where it is supposed to go or giving your movers verbal instructions. It would be best if you do both.

Be Polite When Communicating

As you have seen up until now, there is a lot of information that you need to impart on your movers. If you want to know how to treat your movers properly, it is always by being polite. Stress levels on moving day will most likely be high and you might be prone to outbursts. Try to keep these in check, they do not help anyone. Accidents and mistakes might happen and it is always best to address them calmly and politely. Perhaps the most important thing is not to raise your voice. That makes a bad situation worse and never brings anything good. After all, you can have moving insurance, which will cover any mishap that might happen.

Offer Drinks And/Or Food

The best way to treat your movers properly is to look at them as your friends. You want your friends to have easy access to drinks when they are working and to be as comfortable as possible. Extend this to the movers and you will enhance the overall atmosphere. Purchasing and offering food is a great way to keep spirits and energy as high as possible.

Providing a refreshing drink will help your movers stay in top condition during the move.

Let Them Know You Are Grateful

If you did your part right, it is most likely that movers did theirs, as well. If you find that they have done a great job, make sure to let them know! Everyone takes pride in their work and honest compliments are a balm for the soul. Of course, the best way to show appreciation is to tip your movers. Of course, only tip if you consider that your movers have done an exceptional job or have been carrying heavy loads constantly. It is all up to your discretion.